Going on winter, I started having a problem with my gas furnace refusing to stop running. It would start up like needed, and then simply patter forever. The temperature inside the house would continue to climb right up until I manually shut the heater completely off. I tried changing the oxygen filter, and cleaning the unit, but this did not help whatsoever. I finally gave in and called a local HVAC contractor for a repair. Since the furnace is not even a few years old, I assumed it will be a simple repair. The HVAC technician inspected my own heating system and recommended I replace the whole unit. He wanted me to purchase a brand new furnace, which seemed a bit extreme in my opinion. Although the furnace was not necessarily shutting down properly, it ended up being still providing heat. It ended up being still quiet, effective, and electrical power efficient. I was prepared to fork out a minor repair bill, but was unwilling find a fortune into a new furnace. When I complained about this to my neighbor Ted, he volunteered to search over the furnace. Ted is quite handy and does lots of his own household repairs. He looked at the heating equipment and informed me that this problem was simply the thermostat. Ted bought me a fresh thermostat from the local computer store, installed it within one hour, and my furnace was working just fine. Apparently, the HVAC contractor had recommended I buy a new heating unit because this would provide him a larger percentage. I am relieved that I didn’t tune in to him.


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