Should the weather outside be cold along with snowy, I strive to never go out. Working from home allows me to stay inside for days at a time. I hate the winter weather, and prefer to hide inside my heated condo. All of this is made possible by a wonderful forced air gas furnace that keeps me cozy and warm. I put off getting groceries and let the mail pile up in the mailbox. I’ve discovered that one can buy a lot of necessities off of the internet and have them delivered right to your doorstep. I buy my cleaning supplies, paper items, and hygiene products online. I avoid shoveling the driveway, scraping ice off my windshield and putting on my winter boots and wool coat. I can avoid driving over over snowy roads or pushing a cart through the hot grocery store. Until I have run out of of dairy products, I am able to cozy up indoors. I operate my furnace with a smart thermostat so that I can change the settings from my phone or computer. While I am working at my desk, I don’t need to get out of the chair to turn the heat up, change fan speed, or enhance ventilation. I even get announcements for repair needs and filter changes. The thermostat provides the local forecast, relative humidity level and energy saving tips. It is a convenient way to maintain excellent comfort. My gas furnace and smart thermostat could be two of the only things that make long and cold winters endurable. I’m planning on having perishables delivered to my house so that I can stay inside until spring.

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