I live in the north part of my country, and the winter is extremely brutal. We go months on end with gray skies and not a glance of the sun. The snow piles high outside, forcing us to shovel and plow. I have to shovel a walking path almost every day for my dog, and dig out my mailbox. I must scrape the ice off my windshield before going anywhere in my car. To combat the weather I dress in a wool coat, hat, scarf, and heavy footwear. It is really important what heating system you have when the outside temperatures are constantly below zero. I think the most effective system is the boiler. The drawback is that it doesn’t provide any cooling capability. But where I live, we are lucky if there’s two weeks or so of hot weather, and I like the heat. My boiler keeps my house perfectly warm all winter long, and heats the pool in the summer. Because it uses water and not forced air, the boiler is clean, quiet, and doesn’t blow dust around the house. The heat stays closer to the floor, as it is being infused into the air. I have both baseboard heaters and radiant flooring. There is nothing better than walking around barefoot on heated floors when it is negative ten outside. My warm feet warm up the rest of my body. The system take up no space in the house and is very energy efficient.    

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