Dancing has become a great passion of mine so I’ve enrolled in a weekly ballet class. The studio I came across is excellent and has several classes for adults that include the studies of tap, ballet, and jazz. The rooms can heat up very quickly with several people in them dancing at a time so the rooms are usually a little chilly when classes are in session. A couple of weeks ago, the room my dance class is conducted in was really cold. It was downright, horribly frigid. My normal dance clothes are normally sweatpants, tights and a tank top but for that week, my normal dance attire was not nearly enough. I kept my jacket on after coming inside because it felt like the furnace in the dance studio was only blowing out frosty air. My dance teacher has been advising all her students in class to leave our sweats on due because it was absolutely frigid and she did not want us to injure our muscles. She also told us there was a HVAC technician onsite trying to fix the heating issue. The good news was that within the hour of the class starting, the heating register was emitting heat rather instead of that wintry breeze. Unfortunately for us, the dance studio did not get their HVAC system inspected regularly and some parts for the furnace were in terrible shape. The local HVAC business contracted to set the furnace did so quickly and efficiently, keeping the dancers free from muscle injuries. Now the HVAC business has since been contracted to conduct seasonal maintenance and routine HVAC inspections for the dance studio to prevent similar issues from happening in the future.

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