Every year, my husband and ride our motorcycle across the country.  . We usually travel for about a month, and we take only what we need to survive. We drive several hundred miles a day and have seen a lot of the country. We have ridden from the west coast to the east coast and north to south. It’s been a grand adventure, but we are often exposed to severe weather.  We’ve been through intense heat, bitter cold, pounding rain, and violent wind.  In more moderate weather conditions, we like to find a good spot to set up our tent and camp.  Many nights, however, we find a hotel where we can take advantage of a comfortable bed, hot shower, and temperature control. By the end of the day on the motorcycle, going through the elements, I look forward to having control over the room temperature.  It’s been my experience that the majority of hotels have good working air conditioners and heaters installed in the guest rooms.  Unfortunately, there have been other times when the heaters rattles loudly or the air conditioner stinks like mold. Most often, though, the systems work fine. For us to get a good night’s sleep and be ready to get back on the bike in the morning, I need a comfy pillow, great water pressure and a comfortable HVAC system. It is also wonderful when the system makes just enough noise to drown out any commotion by people in the hallways.


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