I work as a third grade teacher at a private school in the northeast. Here, the winter begins in September and runs all the way into April. The outside temperature is usually below zero, so it is crucial to run a heater. The system in my school was installed before I began working here, and I’m a twenty year veteran. We have also never had a professional HVAC technician come to clean the ductwork. The dirty ducts and old heater cause the air quality to be awful in the classrooms. When the heater turns on, I cough and sometimes get a severe headache. At the end of the day, my eyes are watery and red. My students suffer nosebleeds nearly every day during the long winter. I have one student with severe asthma. She is most at risk with the heating system. We must keep an inhaler in the classroom, and she must use it a few times throughout the day. We shouldn’t be risking this student’s health for an outdated heating system. I have informed the principal and the superintendent to no avail. All of us are breathing in polluted air and enduring the significant humidity levels. I understand it will be expensive, but that heating system must be replaced.

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