Probably one of my things to do is to perform in theatrical plays, which means that’s the reason why I’ve signed up for my high school’s theater play. We meet every other week to be able to put in practice no matter what time of year it is, and we just like to come together and hang out. During the time when the show begins to get closer, we’re allowed to run through the play in our school’s good sized auditorium, that’s the place we perform on show night as well. This auditorium is used for character rallies, video showings, together with some other affairs that will need a whole lot of space. A week ago the theater set was able to practice within the large auditorium, but when we walked in, there was something different regarding the location. It was way too hot compared to the temperature it usually is. The school would keep it fairly chilly inside just to keep the many customers comfy. Our theater instructor said that the school is going to start turning the air conditioner inside the auditorium off at the end of the night to save some money. I had been pretty disappointed about it, if the school cared enough about keeping the clients cozy and pleased, exactly why wouldn’t they do the same for their own students? Of course, we had an unusually exhausting rehearsal that day. My makeup, which is placed on heavily when on the stage, was dripping down my face near the close of the play. I could see that my costume outfit possessed sweat stains, and I actually had been miserable. Practicing in an un-airconditioned auditorium should be considered some sort of punishment, and additionally I’m planning to call my school and ask that they turn that air conditioner just a little bit during our rehearsals.

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A very special thing my boyfriend and I do is go to live shows together. It doesn’t matter if we actually like the band or not, to us it’s really about enjoying a new music location inside our community and about the live performance that gets us out of the house on Friday evenings. We find one or two sites that we love to go to consistently, nevertheless we have been compelled to venture to one of the other live performance places around the town. There was a band that we could not neglect that would be playing at there that night. We didn’t believe the night would be too wonderful, nonetheless we, at the very least, was aware that we will enjoy the new music. When we got to the concert site and gave this worker our passes, we started to feel the warm temperature and humidity from the front door. This made us sticky in there, and it reeked of sweat and alcohol. When we got inside the doors, almost everything become more intense. We questioned the bartender if there seemed to be issues with the furnace, he said that the air conditioning item was powered down for maintenance right then, and it would be up and running next week. I actually couldn’t believe that this bar would decide at this point in time to have their air conditioning equipment looked at, knowing that this venue would be loaded with drinking and dancing people. We noticed that we could hardly breathe in the air, but when the concert finally started, I did not even notice the terrible temperatures. I might have left the live performance in a mess from sweating, but I still had a good time. Now I recall why we don’t like this concert location, because it doesn’t possess good air conditioning.

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I’m extremely meticulous about the upkeep of my home, and it requires all of my time and effort. I am thankful that my husband is willing to partner with me to maintain our lovely home. My husband spends hours being sure the lawn is perfectly mowed, that hedges are properly trimmed, and that driveway is swept. He also handles the damages, adding the necessary chemicals to ensure crystal clear water. I maintain the vegetable and small flower gardens, pulling weeds, spraying for pests, and planting new varieties. We recently installed new rain gutters over the house, painted all of the trim for the windows and built a rear deck. I have found that you’ll be able to neglect important aspects of household upkeep that are not as visible. While I never forget to wash the windows or even vacuum the rugs, I tend to forget to change the filter and schedule service for my HVAC system. Since the healthiness of the heating and cooling equipment directly impacts the comfort, safety, and budget, I’ve made seasonal maintenance important. I enrolled in a service agreement which includes a local HVAC contractor that gives two appointments per year. The HVAC contractor calls everyone to schedule at  a convenient moment, reminds us of filter substitutes, and handles the cleaning and tuning within the equipment. Because of this, I don’t needto worry about a sudden malfunction while using furnace or air conditioner, degraded air quality, or excessive running costs. I wish that I could pc a maintenance plan for the rest of the house and save myself a bunch of work and effort.

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My wife died eight months ago. It was truly hard for me to manage without her.  Not only did I miss her horribly, but I lost my best friend.  My wife was the one who handled  the bulk of the responsibilities in our home.  I had worked extensive hours and was on the road a lot.  My wife maintained the house.  With her gone, I needed to figure out how to do everything myself.  My two daughters did not believe that I was capable of this.  But I hoped to prove them wrong.  The first thing I tackled was the upkeep of the HVAC components. I was aware that  my wife had scheduled maintenance for the HVAC system every spring and fall. I was not sure which HVAC  business she preferred.  I read reviews on the local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C companies.   The one had a helpful website, affordable prices, and excellent maintenance agreement opportunities.  This HVAC company offered to provide reminders prior to service.  The contractor  would contact me in the spring, and again in the fall,  to schedule upcoming HVAC upkeep.  I would not be forced to remember the appropriate times for HVAC service.   I contacted this HVAC company and got an appointment.  Now that I am enrolled in a maintenance plan, I have a service appointment scheduled. The technician will inspect, clean, and tune my air conditioner.  In the fall, the technician will return and look over the furnace.  This will keep the HVAC units working reliably and efficiently, and save me time and trouble.

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My wife passed away last year.  It was very difficult for me to go on without her.  Not only did I miss her because she was my best friend, but she also handled most of the responsibilities of our home.  I had always worked crazy hours and she took care of the house.  Now that she is gone, I had to handle everything myself.  My adult daughter did not think that I could do it.  But I planned to prove her wrong.  The first thing I had to take care of was the darn HVAC system in our basement.  I knew that my wife had it serviced twice a year, but I had no idea what HVAC company she had worked with.  I started doing some research on the local HVAC companies and found one that had a decent enough website and cheap prices.  This HVAC company also offered HVAC service reminders.  They would contact me twice a year to schedule my upcoming HVAC service appointment.  Then I would not have to remember when to schedule the HVAC service appointment myself.  I immediately contacted the HVAC company for an appointment.  Now that the HVAC service appointment was scheduled, I needed to learn how to cook.  My wife had also handled all of the cooking and baking in the house.  I was lucky to know how to make cereal.  Maybe my adult daughter would help me out with the cooking.  Otherwise, I was going to be eating a lot of fast food and take out meals, which I did not think my waistline could handle.  

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My wife died last year.  It was difficult for me to go on without her.  I missed her terribly.  She was my best friend, and she also handled most of the responsibilities around the home.  I had always put in long hours at work, while she maintained the house.  Now that she is no longer helping me with everything, I have to figure it out myself.  My kids were not sure that I could handle it.  But I was determined to prove that I could.  The most important thing I needed to take care of was the HVAC system in our basement.  I knew that my wife was conscientious about professional maintenance  twice a year. I had no idea which HVAC  company she regularly used.   I began with research online into  local HVAC companies.  I discovered  one that offered cheap prices, maintenance plans, and priority service.  This HVAC company also promised to supply HVAC maintenance reminders.  They would contact me in the spring and fall to schedule my upcoming seasonal HVAC appointment.  I liked that I would not need to remember to schedule the HVAC upkeep myself.  I immediately called this HVAC company for an appointment and the plan to enroll in a maintenance plan.  I felt relieved to have the HVAC equipment properly taken care of.  I was hoping the HVAC contractor could give me some pointers on cooking.   My wife had also did all of the grocery shopping and cooked our meals.  I was worried about starving to death, or getting fat from eating  fast food too often.  

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I have certainly never needed air conditioning, because I absolutely love the summer heat. When the weather is mild, I spend every minute outside. I enjoy lying in the sun, swimming in the pool, and working in my home gardens. I’m usually outside from very early that morning until after sunset everyday. Generally if the house is a bit overheated and sticky, I just open the windows and run a couple electric fans. I try to take advantage of the warmer time of year, because I royally hate winter weather. I am not happy when it’s time to close every one of the windows and start up the heater. I get very depressed when the outside temperature drops below zero, and the snow piles up. I then tend to spend every minute hiding inside my house. Because I do my working at home, I really have no will or need to venture out. I often spend weeks at a time never setting foot out the threshold. Since I can’t stand that cold, I do everything possible to remain my house warm and comfy. I have invested a king’s fortune into my home heating system. I have a boiler installed in my basement that connects to radiant flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms, and baseboard heaters in all of the other rooms Fortunately, the hydronic heating system is wonderfully energy efficient. I can maintain my home at a nice, warm temperature, while being free of draining my budget. The boiler is entirely silent, clean, and quite reliable. There is nothing as relaxing as walking on heated floors on a cold winter’s day. I can stand barefoot on my kitchen floor, watch the snowfall outside the house, and stay perfectly warm.

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My wife passed away a little over a year ago.  It was extremely difficult for me to continue on without her.  Not only did I miss her because she was my dearest friend, but she also handled the majority of responsibilities of our home.  I had always worked extensive hours and she kept the house.  Now that she is gone, I need to oversee everything myself.  My adult kids were not convinced that I could do it.  But I decided to prove her wrong.  The first thing I needed to take care of was the old HVAC system installed in the basement.  I knew that my wife conscientiously had it serviced twice a year, but I had no clue which HVAC contractor she had worked with.  I started researching the local HVAC companies and found one that offered satisfaction guarantee and affordable prices.  The  HVAC contractor also supplied Heating and cooling maintenance reminders.  They would contact me to schedule a seasonal Heating and Air Conditioning service appointment.  Then, I would not need to remember when to schedule the upkeep for the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment.  I contacted the HVAC contractor for an appointment.  Once the HVAC maintenance appointment was scheduled, I moved on to learning how to cook.  My wife had also taken care of the cooking and baking in the house.  I was barely able to make cereal.  I hoped that my kids would help me with the cooking.  Otherwise, I was going to be eating a lot of fast food and donuts.  I was just happy that the furnace and air conditioner would be properly taken care of.  

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I took an office job straight out of college because I needed the money. The job is not really inside my field of expertise, and I find it horribly boring. I sit in an uncomfortable cubicle and spend nearly all of my day typing on a keyboard or talking on the phone. The office space is unpleasant, with pressboard furniture, commercial carpet, and windows that don’t open. The entire building is sealed up tight and the temperature is managed. None of us have any ability to control the thermostat, and we usually are stuck enduring whatever temperature management and business considers appropriate. There are days during the winter when the sun is flooding in the many big windows, and the commercial furnace is blasting overheated air. There is no chance to lower the thermostat or get any clean air. We all suffer from the excessive heating, drip with sweat, and feel miserable for hours on end. On overcast days in the summertime, when the air conditioner is functioning at highest speed, everyone within the building wears their winter jackets. I’m sure it’s costing the organization a fortune in energy bills to keep their employees totally uncomfortable and additionally unhappy. Plus, with the building sealed so tight, the indoor air quality is downright unhealthy, There can be seen dust flying around in the air, and everyone is constantly sneezing and coughing. A woman at a neighboring cubicle wears too much perfume, and it gives me a headache on a daily basis. In the winter, with the furnace running non stop, our indoor environment becomes overly dry , and I get constant static jolts. I have been sending out applications, hoping to find a fresh job at a building with better working conditions.

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My wife passed away last December.  It was a very difficult time for me.  I missed her terribly, She was my partner and my best friend.  She also handled the responsibilities of keeping our home running smoothly.  I always worked crazy hours at my job, and so she took care of the day-to-day operation of the house.  Without her help, I had to learn to handle everything myself.  My daughter did not think that I could manage it.  I assured her that I would be fine.  The first thing I tackled  was the HVAC system.  I knew my wife had scheduled proactive service for the HVAC equipment twice a year. I was not sure which local HVAC company she preferred and found nothing in our paperwork.  I researched online, looking into the different local HVAC companies and was they offered.  The one that had a modern website that explained their policies.  I was impressed that this  HVAC company offered a maintenance plan with priority scheduling, no overtime charges, and service reminders.  They promised to contact me twice a year to schedule my upcoming HVAC service appointment.  This would save me from needing to  remember when to schedule the HVAC maintenance.   I got in touch with the HVAC company and set up an appointment.  Now that I have enrolled in an HVAC service agreement, I know that the furnace and air conditioner will be well take care of.  I don’t need to worry about sudden malfunctions.  Now, I plan to  learn how to cook.  My wife had took care of the cooking.