I’ve always been a nervous sweater. Everytime I feel anxious, I get really sweaty. I’m a certified teacher on the look for jobs, so I’ve been on a lot of job interviews. Most recently, I had to teach a fake lesson for a group of three kids. It was meant to show off my teaching skills. Well the room they held it in didn’t have any air conditioning. I was obviously nervous to have my teaching skills judged by an interviewer. Combined with my nervous sweating habit, the lack of cooling made the interview even worse. I could feel the puddle of sweat below my arms. My back was just as sweaty, and my hair felt wet too. I must have looked like a sweaty beast while I was teaching. I knew there were wet stains on my shirt. I would have loved some central air conditioning to blast me in that room. They could have used a portable air conditioner or window AC to make up for this problem. Instead, there was no cooling at all and it felt like using a furnace in the summer. I don’t remember how the lesson went, but I’m sure it was alright. Still, who would hire the ridiculously sweaty fellow? I bet that’s what the interviewers talked about. There’s no way they’ll remember my name, lesson plan, or credentials. All they’ll think about is the sweaty applicant. The interview would have been a lot more successful if there had been some air conditioning.

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Getting groceries is always a horrible experience, and I procrastinate this chore as much as possible. Every time, I wait until my entire household is whining about there being no food. I can put off shopping until we are entirely out of bread, milk, eggs, and even down to the last roll of toilet tissue. To get around this, I order many supplies online and then have them delivered right to my entry. I hate leaving my beautifully comfortable house, where I am in control of both the thermostat settings and the music. Getting groceries is so time-consuming, requiring over a thirty minute drive to the store, and at least an hour of walking through the aisles. Without fail, the store plays the worst possible music, the carts all have a bad wheel, and the indoor temperature is either far too hot or cold. I never have a single clue what I should wear to the grocery store. For example, in the middle of July, when the outside temperature is easily in the nineties, I would expect the air conditioner to be efficiently running. Unfortunately, that commercial cooling system is blasting so much subzero air that what I really need is a down jacket for survival. In January, when the outside temperature only reaches about twenty degrees, I have to bundle myself up before going to the store. When I’m inside, however, their commercial heating system transforms the store into a desert and I actually spend the trip sweating profusely. I would really appreciate it if they could regulate the operation of the HVAC system and maybe manage a comfortable setting on the old thermostat. In its place, grocery shopping remains pure torture.

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Everyone has one thing that just makes them feel good.  Some people love to go for a run, read a good book, or sit by the shore.  My escape is my music.  I have always enjoyed every aspect of music.  I play several instruments but enjoy just listening to it as well.  After years of apartment living, my husband and I bought our first home.  We finally had a room that I could dedicate to my music room, but it was located in the basement.  This was great in the summer as it was much cooler downstairs, however, in the winter it was freezing down there. Often the temperature would be so uncomfortable in the music room that I couldn’t play for long due to my fingers being too cold. After listening to me complaining for a few weeks, my husband surprised me with a wall-mounted, ductless heating unit for my music room. I was so excited that I wanted it up and running right away.  Well, my husband had no idea how to install it or the tools needed to cut through to the outside.  I called an area HVAC company for an appointment.  Fortunately, the technician could be there the following morning. When the HVAC technician showed up, he worked quickly and very simply cut the hole in the wall and began mounting machine. Within an hour my ductless HVAC unit was up and running. The best part is that the unit is that it is remote controlled, so while I’m playing my instruments all I need do is pick up the remote to change the temperature setting.

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I have been noticing more and more people’s dependence on smartphones. In many ways, they have made people very anti-social.  Some parents don’t even take the time to pay attention to their kids because they are too busy checking in on social media.  I will admit, I have done this from time-to-time, which is the reason why I gave serious consideration to trading at my Android for an old-style flip phone. The only reason I don’t actually do it is because we recently installed a smart thermostat at the house that is controlled an App on my phone. The smart thermostat is connected by WiFi and I use my phone to monitor and change the temperature whenever I want. Even though I often find technology irritating, I do like to be able to have the ability to set the temperature so we are always comfortable when we arrive. Just last month, we went on vacation for a week.  We kept the temperature to a minimum while we were gone.  There was no sense keeping the heat turned up as no one was home.  When we landed at the airport, I simply logged onto the App and set the thermostat to 72 degrees.  By the time we arrived, the house was perfect.  I use it just as much in the summer.  Many days, I spend hour outside the home.  On those days I want to have the house cooled off before I get there.  After much consideration, I will be keeping my smartphone.  There are so many advantages to having one and we do enjoy the savings on the utility bills since we installed the new thermostat as well.

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I am a little behind the times. I don’t own a laptop or a nice LCD or LED TV and I don’t ever use social media. I recently bought a new iPhone, but only because my ancient flip phone finally died on me and there wasn’t really much else available. I don’t have anything against new technology, I just never really learned how to use it and it frightens me a little. So when my uncle bought me a smart thermostat, I was not amused. I wanted to send it back, but he made me promise to test it for a week first. I was uncertain, but agreed on the condition that he help me install it on my phone and in my HVAC system. From an app on my phone, I could regulate my air conditioner and heater while I was away from my house. To be honest, it was the first app I have ever used. Luckily, the smart thermostat app was very user-friendly and uncomplicated. I was able to switch my A/C system off when I left my house, and then back on shortly before arriving back home. After doing this for a week, the difference in my usage was incredible. Because I didn’t use my cooling system while I was far from the house, I had saved a ton of money on my energy bills! And on top of it all, I didn’t feel any difference in temperature because I could turn the cooling system back on on my way home from work. I actually think I might look into what other forms of money saving technology I can find for my HVAC system!

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My little sister is actually the most handy person in my family. Even my dad and brother aren’t as handy as she is. So when something goes wrong in my house, I give her a call. She had to come over several times already to fix my HVAC unit. My HVAC system is probably older than me. I think it’s around 30 years old. At first, it was just small issues like cleaning and switching out air filters. Then the problems started to get worse. A couple months ago, she had to repair the ductwork and all of the upstairs air vents. Last week though, the problem was not an easy fix at all. I noticed that my air conditioning system was really struggling to get the house cool. I called my sister to come look at the HVAC system again but in a case of misfortune, she was traveling out of town to see my mother. I figured the problem could wait a few days until she got back, but boy was I wrong. I woke up the next day to my ceiling leaking water all over the kitchen and dining room. I didn’t know how to stop it, so I called my sister again. She said to obviously get an HVAC technician over to the house to stop the leak as soon as physically possible. I called the nearest HVAC company and they sent someone over right away to look at the A/C. They fixed the problem with my air conditioner’s evaporator coil and thankfully my sister said she would fix my ceiling for me when she got back from her trip.

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I met with my regular HVAC provider today and ordered an alternative HVAC system for my house. I am converting to a mini split system. That means I will no longer have air ducts in my attic. Instead, I’ll have some HVAC units in just a few of the rooms in my house. I won’t have an environmental air handler anymore, so I’ll have the capacity to adjust the heating and air conditioning temperature in different sections of my house independently. I think it will eventually make my utility bills lower too, since I’ll have an overabundance of control over the temperature in my house. Another advantage of the mini split system is that we won’t have ductwork in our attic area anymore. That should improve the air quality in my home since I won’t have dust being blown about within my ductwork anymore. I used to need an HVAC contractor to come out to my house once a year sometimes or so to clean my old ductwork. Now I won’t need that anymore. It will be a little more expensive to have my split HVAC system installed initially since I must get refrigerant lines run throughout my house. But I think I will save overall as my utility bills will be a lot lower. I don’t know if I’ll prefer having refrigerant lines running the walls of my house outside the house, but I guess it will be a small sacrifice if it could make my home more comfortable and save me money on my electric bill. I do believe the mini split system can be quieter than my old HVAC system since I won’t have an air handler anymore. I guess I’ll have to take more on air filters, however, since each HVAC unit is going to have its own filter.

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We have a beautiful southern plantation home which has pecan trees and giant sprawling magnolia trees around the yard. We were very lucky so as to find a house that we both got excited about right away. One of our favorite features of the house, was the beautiful outdoor share. My kids and I are avid swimmers so the swimming pool was both inviting and relaxing. We enjoy spending most of the summer in this pool, floating around while everyone relaxes. A few weeks before, we experienced severe thunderstorms. These storms were producing tornadoes in record breaking numbers, and our home was among the list of homes hit by the cyclones. Our neighborhood was hit here and there, and most of the damage was from the terrible winds. We lost half of our back fence and there were downed tree branches strewn all over the yard. I sent my son out to clean out the pool after a few days of indoor clean up. He came in yelling that there was something big in the deep end of the swimming pool. When I went outside, I noticed my neighbor’s A/C unit was in the pool. I knew that they lost their A/C unit during the storm, but I sure didn’t expect to find it in the bottom of my lap pool. My son and I had to swim into the trash filled pool, in order to retrieve the A/C unit. It was extremely heavy and we had a very difficult time pulling it out. I called the neighbor who lives down the street and told him that we had found their A/C unit. Both of us laughed and laughed.

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I have already been hard at work on my third book for just around two weeks now. It was hard at the start, but now I’m starting to get on a roll. Just the other morning I woke up at around two in the early morning full of inspiration. I had no choice but to stay awake and write. It was a cold night, so thus I decided to put a few logs in the fireplace. I waited a little while, but the air quality didn’t get much warmer. So, I went over to my thermostat and adjusted it to somewhat of a higher setting. I was sure that a trusty heating and cooling system would do just as well and heat up the quality of air. It definitely did that, and then some more! The air pouring out from the ductwork felt like fire! The walls were actually hot to the touch. I got up again and tried to readjust the thermostat. This time I tried to find a happy middle ground with the setting of the thermostat. It was nothing to this heating and cooling system. It still felt similar to the air quality being on fire. I felt like I was standing right near to a furnace! I went over to the living room and was shocked to uncover that the fireplace was burning brightly! The logs must have seen flame while I was messing with the thermostat. I was lucky the house did not burn down on me. I quickly doused the logs in the fireplace and sat down to be able to catch my breath. I couldn’t write for the rest of the night. That shock from my fireplace took the wind out of me!

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I am blessed be an integral part of an organization that changes lives. Every month, my fellow teammates and I get together to discuss how far we’ve can come. We also discuss how much work we have left to do. Our goal is to stop homelessness in our hometown. Today’s interacting was definitely a memorable one, and not for the right reasons. This HVAC system was broken, and almost suffocated us with tremendously hot air. The temperature was horrendous! You could feel the hot air wafting through the ductwork simply by placing your hands on a wall. A few of us got so hot we had to leave the room. The heating and cooling system of any structure is important, especially for a meeting position. My friends and I couldn’t take it any longer. We had no choice but to leave. We moved our meeting for a local restaurant that was known to have a working heating and cooling system. They just had their furnace and air conditioner checked by a certified HVAC technician. We enjoyed a sexy meal, good conversation, and excellent air quality. The restaurant’s heating and cooling system sure made a change in comfort levels. It is very important for you to have your HVAC system checked, at the very least, twice a year. It could mean the difference between bad quality of air, and good air quality. Now that I think of it, I’m planning to contact an HVAC technician to come inspect my heating and cooling system right now. I don’t want to experience bad air quality like I used to do at that meeting!

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