I have been noticing more and more people’s dependence on smartphones. In many ways, they have made people very anti-social.  Some parents don’t even take the time to pay attention to their kids because they are too busy checking in on social media.  I will admit, I have done this from time-to-time, which is the reason why I gave serious consideration to trading at my Android for an old-style flip phone. The only reason I don’t actually do it is because we recently installed a smart thermostat at the house that is controlled an App on my phone. The smart thermostat is connected by WiFi and I use my phone to monitor and change the temperature whenever I want. Even though I often find technology irritating, I do like to be able to have the ability to set the temperature so we are always comfortable when we arrive. Just last month, we went on vacation for a week.  We kept the temperature to a minimum while we were gone.  There was no sense keeping the heat turned up as no one was home.  When we landed at the airport, I simply logged onto the App and set the thermostat to 72 degrees.  By the time we arrived, the house was perfect.  I use it just as much in the summer.  Many days, I spend hour outside the home.  On those days I want to have the house cooled off before I get there.  After much consideration, I will be keeping my smartphone.  There are so many advantages to having one and we do enjoy the savings on the utility bills since we installed the new thermostat as well.

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