We have a beautiful southern plantation home which has pecan trees and giant sprawling magnolia trees around the yard. We were very lucky so as to find a house that we both got excited about right away. One of our favorite features of the house, was the beautiful outdoor share. My kids and I are avid swimmers so the swimming pool was both inviting and relaxing. We enjoy spending most of the summer in this pool, floating around while everyone relaxes. A few weeks before, we experienced severe thunderstorms. These storms were producing tornadoes in record breaking numbers, and our home was among the list of homes hit by the cyclones. Our neighborhood was hit here and there, and most of the damage was from the terrible winds. We lost half of our back fence and there were downed tree branches strewn all over the yard. I sent my son out to clean out the pool after a few days of indoor clean up. He came in yelling that there was something big in the deep end of the swimming pool. When I went outside, I noticed my neighbor’s A/C unit was in the pool. I knew that they lost their A/C unit during the storm, but I sure didn’t expect to find it in the bottom of my lap pool. My son and I had to swim into the trash filled pool, in order to retrieve the A/C unit. It was extremely heavy and we had a very difficult time pulling it out. I called the neighbor who lives down the street and told him that we had found their A/C unit. Both of us laughed and laughed.

cooling unit

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