I am blessed be an integral part of an organization that changes lives. Every month, my fellow teammates and I get together to discuss how far we’ve can come. We also discuss how much work we have left to do. Our goal is to stop homelessness in our hometown. Today’s interacting was definitely a memorable one, and not for the right reasons. This HVAC system was broken, and almost suffocated us with tremendously hot air. The temperature was horrendous! You could feel the hot air wafting through the ductwork simply by placing your hands on a wall. A few of us got so hot we had to leave the room. The heating and cooling system of any structure is important, especially for a meeting position. My friends and I couldn’t take it any longer. We had no choice but to leave. We moved our meeting for a local restaurant that was known to have a working heating and cooling system. They just had their furnace and air conditioner checked by a certified HVAC technician. We enjoyed a sexy meal, good conversation, and excellent air quality. The restaurant’s heating and cooling system sure made a change in comfort levels. It is very important for you to have your HVAC system checked, at the very least, twice a year. It could mean the difference between bad quality of air, and good air quality. Now that I think of it, I’m planning to contact an HVAC technician to come inspect my heating and cooling system right now. I don’t want to experience bad air quality like I used to do at that meeting!

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