Everyone has one thing that just makes them feel good.  Some people love to go for a run, read a good book, or sit by the shore.  My escape is my music.  I have always enjoyed every aspect of music.  I play several instruments but enjoy just listening to it as well.  After years of apartment living, my husband and I bought our first home.  We finally had a room that I could dedicate to my music room, but it was located in the basement.  This was great in the summer as it was much cooler downstairs, however, in the winter it was freezing down there. Often the temperature would be so uncomfortable in the music room that I couldn’t play for long due to my fingers being too cold. After listening to me complaining for a few weeks, my husband surprised me with a wall-mounted, ductless heating unit for my music room. I was so excited that I wanted it up and running right away.  Well, my husband had no idea how to install it or the tools needed to cut through to the outside.  I called an area HVAC company for an appointment.  Fortunately, the technician could be there the following morning. When the HVAC technician showed up, he worked quickly and very simply cut the hole in the wall and began mounting machine. Within an hour my ductless HVAC unit was up and running. The best part is that the unit is that it is remote controlled, so while I’m playing my instruments all I need do is pick up the remote to change the temperature setting.

ductless multi split

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