I’ve always been a nervous sweater. Everytime I feel anxious, I get really sweaty. I’m a certified teacher on the look for jobs, so I’ve been on a lot of job interviews. Most recently, I had to teach a fake lesson for a group of three kids. It was meant to show off my teaching skills. Well the room they held it in didn’t have any air conditioning. I was obviously nervous to have my teaching skills judged by an interviewer. Combined with my nervous sweating habit, the lack of cooling made the interview even worse. I could feel the puddle of sweat below my arms. My back was just as sweaty, and my hair felt wet too. I must have looked like a sweaty beast while I was teaching. I knew there were wet stains on my shirt. I would have loved some central air conditioning to blast me in that room. They could have used a portable air conditioner or window AC to make up for this problem. Instead, there was no cooling at all and it felt like using a furnace in the summer. I don’t remember how the lesson went, but I’m sure it was alright. Still, who would hire the ridiculously sweaty fellow? I bet that’s what the interviewers talked about. There’s no way they’ll remember my name, lesson plan, or credentials. All they’ll think about is the sweaty applicant. The interview would have been a lot more successful if there had been some air conditioning.

cooling unit

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