I have already been hard at work on my third book for just around two weeks now. It was hard at the start, but now I’m starting to get on a roll. Just the other morning I woke up at around two in the early morning full of inspiration. I had no choice but to stay awake and write. It was a cold night, so thus I decided to put a few logs in the fireplace. I waited a little while, but the air quality didn’t get much warmer. So, I went over to my thermostat and adjusted it to somewhat of a higher setting. I was sure that a trusty heating and cooling system would do just as well and heat up the quality of air. It definitely did that, and then some more! The air pouring out from the ductwork felt like fire! The walls were actually hot to the touch. I got up again and tried to readjust the thermostat. This time I tried to find a happy middle ground with the setting of the thermostat. It was nothing to this heating and cooling system. It still felt similar to the air quality being on fire. I felt like I was standing right near to a furnace! I went over to the living room and was shocked to uncover that the fireplace was burning brightly! The logs must have seen flame while I was messing with the thermostat. I was lucky the house did not burn down on me. I quickly doused the logs in the fireplace and sat down to be able to catch my breath. I couldn’t write for the rest of the night. That shock from my fireplace took the wind out of me!

electric furnace

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