I met with my regular HVAC provider today and ordered an alternative HVAC system for my house. I am converting to a mini split system. That means I will no longer have air ducts in my attic. Instead, I’ll have some HVAC units in just a few of the rooms in my house. I won’t have an environmental air handler anymore, so I’ll have the capacity to adjust the heating and air conditioning temperature in different sections of my house independently. I think it will eventually make my utility bills lower too, since I’ll have an overabundance of control over the temperature in my house. Another advantage of the mini split system is that we won’t have ductwork in our attic area anymore. That should improve the air quality in my home since I won’t have dust being blown about within my ductwork anymore. I used to need an HVAC contractor to come out to my house once a year sometimes or so to clean my old ductwork. Now I won’t need that anymore. It will be a little more expensive to have my split HVAC system installed initially since I must get refrigerant lines run throughout my house. But I think I will save overall as my utility bills will be a lot lower. I don’t know if I’ll prefer having refrigerant lines running the walls of my house outside the house, but I guess it will be a small sacrifice if it could make my home more comfortable and save me money on my electric bill. I do believe the mini split system can be quieter than my old HVAC system since I won’t have an air handler anymore. I guess I’ll have to take more on air filters, however, since each HVAC unit is going to have its own filter.

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