Getting groceries is always a horrible experience, and I procrastinate this chore as much as possible. Every time, I wait until my entire household is whining about there being no food. I can put off shopping until we are entirely out of bread, milk, eggs, and even down to the last roll of toilet tissue. To get around this, I order many supplies online and then have them delivered right to my entry. I hate leaving my beautifully comfortable house, where I am in control of both the thermostat settings and the music. Getting groceries is so time-consuming, requiring over a thirty minute drive to the store, and at least an hour of walking through the aisles. Without fail, the store plays the worst possible music, the carts all have a bad wheel, and the indoor temperature is either far too hot or cold. I never have a single clue what I should wear to the grocery store. For example, in the middle of July, when the outside temperature is easily in the nineties, I would expect the air conditioner to be efficiently running. Unfortunately, that commercial cooling system is blasting so much subzero air that what I really need is a down jacket for survival. In January, when the outside temperature only reaches about twenty degrees, I have to bundle myself up before going to the store. When I’m inside, however, their commercial heating system transforms the store into a desert and I actually spend the trip sweating profusely. I would really appreciate it if they could regulate the operation of the HVAC system and maybe manage a comfortable setting on the old thermostat. In its place, grocery shopping remains pure torture.

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