I am a little behind the times. I don’t own a laptop or a nice LCD or LED TV and I don’t ever use social media. I recently bought a new iPhone, but only because my ancient flip phone finally died on me and there wasn’t really much else available. I don’t have anything against new technology, I just never really learned how to use it and it frightens me a little. So when my uncle bought me a smart thermostat, I was not amused. I wanted to send it back, but he made me promise to test it for a week first. I was uncertain, but agreed on the condition that he help me install it on my phone and in my HVAC system. From an app on my phone, I could regulate my air conditioner and heater while I was away from my house. To be honest, it was the first app I have ever used. Luckily, the smart thermostat app was very user-friendly and uncomplicated. I was able to switch my A/C system off when I left my house, and then back on shortly before arriving back home. After doing this for a week, the difference in my usage was incredible. Because I didn’t use my cooling system while I was far from the house, I had saved a ton of money on my energy bills! And on top of it all, I didn’t feel any difference in temperature because I could turn the cooling system back on on my way home from work. I actually think I might look into what other forms of money saving technology I can find for my HVAC system!

temperature control

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