I own a home that is quite nice. It’s nothing to brag about, but my family likes  it.  It  handles all of our needs. However, not long ago, we thought we were dealing with an infestation of rodents in the walls and ceilings.  This was the first time we’d ever faced anything like that, but we ,decided to tackle this complication head.  We wanted to rid our home of these pests. My wife bought a bunch of traps, because we have small children.  We did not want to expose them to toxic poisons intended for the rodents. But that didn’t accomplish anything because we didn’t catch a single mouse. We then realized that the sounds we were hearing were coming from  the ductwork. When I inspected the air vents I did not see any signs of the mice. There was no doubt about the tapping noises in the heating and cooling ducts.  It sounded like lots of little feet were moving around. I took a quick look at the air filters.  I wanted to see if they had been chewed but they looked just fine. After nearly a month, I hadn’t caught a mouse in the traps, and it seemed that the rodents had gotten inside the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. I felt  it necessary to call the local HVAC company.  I set up an appointment. A technician was sent out and gave our entire system a careful inspection.  The specialist came back with the news that there was not a rat or mouse in our HVAC system. That was good to hear, but the bad news was that the sounds indicated a problem with the air ducts.  We were going to need some sections of the duct work replaced and the rest of it cleaned and sealed.

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