My family home is quite nice. It’s nothing extravagant or huge, but it’s the ideal home for all of our needs. Unfortunately, we recently thought we had an infestation of mice in the walls.  Up until that point, we had never had a problem with rodents.  My wife and I decided to tackle this concern immediately.  We hoped to get our home free of dirty pests. First I bought traps. Since we have kids, we decided to avoid setting out toxic poisons for the rodents. But the traps didn’t accomplish anything, and we started to notice more and more sounds in the air ducts. When I inspected the air vents,I could not see any sign of the mice. The tapping noises in the heating and cooling ducts, however, were getting much worse.  We constantly heard something moving around in there. I replaced all the air filters, and looked to see if they had been chewed.  Everything looked okay. After a couple weeks,  I hadn’t caught a single mouse  in the traps, and I suspected that the rodents had infiltrated the HVAC system. I felt I had to call the local HVAC contractor for an appointment. A licensed technician was sent out and provided our entire system a careful inspection.  He came back with the news that there were no rodents occupying our heating and air conditioning system. We were happy to hear it, but the bad news was that the sounds we heard were signs that the HVAC equipment was malfunctioning. We needed  a major repair,, including air duct sealing, which was a much larger issue than a few mice.

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