When my son was invited to a roller skating party, I was excited for him. Since he is just six year old, I didn’t want to leave him at the rink along.  It had been ten years since my last time in a roller skating rink, but as long as I didn’t break anything, it could be fun.  There were some snowflakes, and the temperature was dropping close to zero when we left home. I honestly thought that the skating rink would be really warm, so I let my son wear something light.  We got to the party around ten AM and were impressed by the brightly colored decoration.  I couldn’t wait to see the joy on my child’s face as he made his first round on skates, so I quickly unbuttoned his jacket.  I could feel the air coming from the vents, and buttoned him back up.  I felt the drafty air coming out of the vents, and figured it was just because the furnace wasn’t warmed up yet.  After twenty minutes, it was still cold, and I inquired about it.  The waitress explained that so many kids get really hot when they are skating, so instead of running the heaters, they run the air conditioners all year.  I snorted, knowing that they were actually trying to save money on heating and this was their excuse.  My son had to wear his jacket the entire time he was there, and I was glad that I had found them before we left.  I don’t think anyone knows how glad I was to get home to the heat of our house.  That is, unless you were one of those parents who a kid huddled in a corner with a bunch of other kids.

heater installation 

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