Two years ago, I took out a home improvement loan to have the master bathroom in my house renovated.  I made the mistake of working with a general company instead of a licensed plumber.  While the general company was fine with putting up drywall, installing a floor, and replacing the window, he knew hardly anything about the requirements of a plumbing system.  A bathroom meets a lot of demands, has numerous appliances, and withstands a heavy workload.  A great deal of water flows through the faucets, pipes, and drains.  The surfaces are exposed to moisture day in and day out.  In the end, there are numerous things that can go wrong.  Because the general contractor was not well versed with the quality of materials, he installed a sink, faucet, shower stall, shower head, and tiles of lower quality.  The surfaces were unable withstand wear and tear, and became corroded, stained, and ugly.  Since he was not experienced in the proper installation of the shower stall, I ended up with minor leaks that compromised the integrity of the floor.  The toilet didn’t flush very well, and the drains were constantly plugged.  In less than a year, my bathroom was an ugly disaster.  I ended up contacting a licensed plumber to completely start over and renovate my bathroom.  I had to borrow more money to cover the cost of  a brand new sink, vanity, faucets, toilet, flooring, and shower stall.  I once again had to deal with my house being torn apart and got without the master bathroom.  I am relieved that my bathroom remodeling project is finally done.  From now on, I will always rely on a licensed plumber for anything to do with my plumbing system.

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