The house I own is quite nice. It’s nothing overly fancy.  It’s a enjoyable and suits my needs. At least it seemed to, until we believed we had an infestation of rodents in the walls! Up until that point, we had no problem with pests. We decided to tackle this problem forcefully. First my husband tried traps.  We have youngsters and did not want  to expose them to toxic poisons. But that didn’t work, and we caught not a single mouse or rat. We heard sounds in the air ducts that grew gradually louder. When I peered through the air vents I could not see anything.  We still heard non stop tapping noises in the heating and cooling ducts which sounded like mice moving around. I checked all the air filters to see if anything had been chewed but they looked okay. After another week, we  hadn’t caught anything in the traps.  We believed that the rodents had gotten inside the Heating and A/C system. At that point, I felt I had to call the local HVAC professional and set up an appointment for service.  The HVAC technician inspected my entire system.  He came back and informed us that there were no rats in my HVAC system. That was good news.  Unfortunately, the bad news was that the sounds were caused by my gas furnace malfunctioning. We needed some extensive repairs on the gas furnace, as well as cleaning and sealing of the duct system. It turned into a huge expense and disruption.

HVAC installation

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