Four years ago, I got a home improvement loan so that the master bathroom in my house could be renovated.  I mistakenly hired a general contractor rather than a licensed plumber.  While the contractor was knowledgeable about putting up drywall, laying down a floor, and replacing the window, he was not up to date  with the requirements of a plumbing system.  A bathroom carries a big workload, has many uses, and features a lot of moving parts.  There’s constant water flow through the faucets, pipes, and down the drains.  The surfaces are constantly getting wet, and there is numerous possibilities for malfunctions.  The  general contractor was not aware of  the quality of the materials, and so he chose a sink, faucet, shower stall, shower head, and floors tiles that were unable weather the wear and tear, and soon became corroded, stained, as well as unattractive.  Since he was not knowledgeable in the proper upgrade of the shower stall, I ended up with leaks that impacted the integrity of the floor.  The toilet didn’t flush like it should,  the drains were really slow moving.  In the span of a year, my bathroom was a giant, ugly disaster.  I then had to hire a licensed plumber to basically begin the project again and  renovate my bathroom.  I needed to borrow more money to cover the cost of a brand new sink, vanity, faucets, toilet, flooring, as well as shower stall.  I once again had to put up with my house getting torn apart and no access to the master bathroom.  I am just relieved that I have finally completed my bathroom remodeling project.  From now on, I will make certain to contact a licensed plumber for all of my plumbing projects.

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