About three years ago, I applied for a home improvement loan and had the master bathroom in our house completely updated.  I should not have hired a general contractor instead of a licensed plumbing professional.  Although the general contractor was knowledgeable about  drywall, flooring, and replacing the window, he knew hardly anything about the needs of a plumbing system.  A bathroom serves multiple purposes, has quite a few moving parts, and manages a heavy workload.  A lot of water frequently flows through the faucets, pipes, and drains.  The surfaces of fixtures are constantly exposed to moisture, and there is so many things that can become a problem.  Because the general contractor was not familiar with the durability of materials, he recommended a sink, faucet, shower stall, shower head, and tiles that were unable hold up to wear and tear, and soon became corroded, stained, and unattractive.  Since he was not proficient in the proper way to install the shower stall, it leaked and soon compromised the integrity of the floor.  The toilet didn’t flush as it should, and the drains were very slow moving, which left soap scum behind.  In less than a year, I had a giant, ugly mess on my hands.  I then turned to a licensed plumber for help.  He basically started over and renovated the bathroom.  I once again took out a loan to cover the expense of a sink, vanity, faucets, toilet, flooring, and shower stall.  I once again dealt with disruption and inconvenience.  I am just relieved that the bathroom remodeling project is complete.   I have learned to always contact a licensed plumber for anything to do with our plumbing system.leaking pipe

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