After what my friend did to me, she’s lucky if I ever talk to her again. It was a very simple task, and I had asked her several weeks ahead of time. So the fact she was so late that night really made me angry. It was just that, at the time I was too cold to do anything about it. I was very close to getting frostbite that night, despite what my doctor might tell you. I had been riding on a bus cross country, and all I needed was a ride home. This bus had no heating system in it, by the way. So the sixteen hours I spent on the bus the big fellow next to me was the only space heater. We finally get to the bus station, and I’m looking forward to a fireplace, or at least standing in front of a big heating vent. But nope, it was too late at night and the place was closed — I could see that giant fireplace, but was trapped out in the cold. My friend arrived two hour late, and all I wanted was to crawl inside the air vent of her car heater. My teeth were chattering too badly for me to yell at her so I turned down the thermostat. I went right home, cranked my HVAC furnace to the highest heat, and vowed never to rely on her again. I figured after a few hours basking in central heating I would be ready to yell at her. But the radiant heat just made me relaxed, and never want to go out in the cold again. That heating system saved our friendship that night.

gas fireplace

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