When my kid got an invitation to a skating party, I decided to go with her because she is only eight years old.  I hadn’t been skating in a long time, and thought it may be fun to try again.  It was cold and beginning to snow, so I was going to dress my child warmly, but I thought it would be hot in the skating rink, so I opted to let him just wear a sweater.  We arrived at the skating rink about one o’clock.  It was decorated in balloons and clowns, and it looked really cheerful.  I was anxious to join my child in her first skating party.  I began to take off her jacket when I felt the cool air go across my neck.  I automatically assumed that the heater had just been turned on and it wasn’t yet producing heat.  An hour later, it was still putting out nothing but cold air and I realized the air conditioning was on.  I let the counter person know and they said they knew.  Skaters were getting warm, and they found it was better if they left the air on instead of the heat.  I was grumbling because I also thought that it saved them a lot of money on the heating bills.  My daughter wore her jacket the entire session, and I was glad I had found a couple of lightweight jackets before we left.  My daughter had a great time skating with her friends, but we were both happy to get back home and feel the warmth of the house.

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My family home is quite nice. It’s nothing overly extravagant.  The house is nicely sized and suits all of our needs. At least it did, until we experienced an infestation of rodents in the walls.  Until that point, everything was running smoothly in the house.  We determined to tackle this problem full force and get our home back under our control again. First, we set out traps, because I have children and was worried about toxic poisons being left out for the rodents. But that didn’t do anything.  It wasn’t long before we were hearing sounds in the ductwork. When I looked through the air vents, I could no sign of the pests.  There was, however,  tapping noises in the heating and cooling ducts that sounded like something scurrying around in there. I inspected the air filters to see if they had been chewed on but they looked okay. After a week, I hadn’t caught a single rodent in the traps, and realized that they had infiltrated  the HVAC system. I knew I had no choice but to hire an HVAC contractor and set up an appointment. The serviceman arrived and completed an inspection of the entirety of the HVAC equipment. He came back to us with the news that there were no rats in my air conditioning or heating system. That was the great news at first.  Then we realized that the sounds we had heard indicated that the furnace was malfunctioning. We  need a to replace the gas furnace, and have the ductwork cleaned and sealed.  It turned into a much bigger problem than a few mice.


My son was asked to his friends birthday party that was being held on Saturday.  He is only seven, and I was concerned about leaving him alone at a skating rink, so I accompanied him to the party. I hadn’t been in a roller skating rink sink I was in high school, and I was hoping to not make a fool of myself.  It was really cold outside when we left home, but I naturally thought the rink would be heated, so I only put a sweater on my son.  The skating rink was lovely with its disco ball and green and blue streamers.  I couldn’t wait for my son to experience his first time skating.  I began to remove my jacket and I felt cold air coming from the vents and wafting across my shoulders and neck.  I was thinking that maybe the heater hadn’t gotten warm yet, but an hour later, it was still cold.  I inquired about the AC being on, and how chilly it seemed in the building.  The girl at the counter said that because the kids are always overheated from skating, they felt it best to run the air conditioning even throughout the winter, instead of the heater.   I’m sure this saves the skating rink a bundle on their heating and cooling bills, but I was cold, and I had to insist my son keep his sweater on.  I was glad that I found those sweaters before we left, but I was much happier to have the party over, so we could go back to the heat of our home.


The house my family and I own is quite nice. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a good house and suits all of our needs. At least it used to, until we thought we had an infestation of rodents in the walls. Up until that point everything had been perfect, so we decided to tackle this problem head on and get our homestead back to being great again. First I tried traps, because I have kids and did not want toxic poisons being left out for the rodents. But that didn’t work, and more and more we were hearing sounds in the ductwork. When I looked through the air vents I could not see anything, but there were definitely tapping noises in the heating and cooling ducts that sounded like something movie around. I checked out all the air filters to see if they had been chewed through but they looked okay. After a week I hadn’t caught anything in the traps, and realized that the rodents must be inside the HVAC system. I felt I had no choice but to call the local HVAC service center and set up an appointment. A technician was sent out and gave my entire system an inspection, and came back with the news that there were no rats in my air conditioning. That was the good news, but the bad news was that the sounds we heard indicated that my furnace was malfunctioning. I was going to need a new heating system, including all new ductwork, which was a much bigger problem than a few mice.

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A couple of my college frat buddies and I were excited out of our minds when Spring Break had finally come. We had all known each other since we were freshman, and this year would mark the final year we’d all be able to take a weeklong trip to whatever destination we wanted to as a group. Since it was likely to be our last hurrah, we decided to go all out and rent a car–the “dream car”–to get us from point A to Z–the one that each of us wanted to own someday when we started making the “big bucks.” Once we got our hands on the five-seater with a HEMI engine, we were off like a bunch of bats outta hell! Everything went well during the first half of the trip. About halfway through our 10-hour drive, however, the A/C stopped cooling like it had been up to that point. Since I was riding “shotgun,” I played around with the ventilation system a bit to see if anything would change. After about five minutes of getting nowhere, I had enough and my buddies and I decided to let the windows down so we could get at least some sort of cool circulation. After less than two minutes of that, we all had enough–especially our one buddy who treats his hair like a prized possession. In turn, we decided to stop and have one of the nearby rental car shops take a look and see whether they could do a quick fix or we’d be better off toughing it out in the warm vented air. After a couple minutes they said the problem was merely that we were out of coolant, so they refilled it, and we were on our way. Nothing could stop us now!

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My son was invited to a skating party last weekend, but he is only seven years old, so I was going with him. I hadn’t been on skates since before I was married, and I thought I may still be able to have some fun. It was cold and snowing when we left for the skating rink.   I figured the skating rink would have on their heat and be warm, so I allowed my son to wear a light blazer. My son and I got to the party around eleven a.m. in the day. It was decorated with blue and white streamers, and it looked like a party for a child, and I could hardly wait to see the joy in my sons eyes when he started skating.  I began to take off his blazer, and hesitated when I felt the air conditioner.  I could tell the air conditioning was on because I could feel the cool air going across my neck. I shrugged, thinking it was just beginning to get warm, but when the air remained cool, I asked the counter person if the air really was on.  Apparently they run the A/C all year round because the kids quickly become over heated while skating.  I would bet it saves a bunch of money on energy bills during the Winter.   My son had to wear his blazer during the entire skating party. I was glad that I had had the forethought to grab a sweater, before exiting the house. I was overjoyed when the party ended, because I was more than ready to go home to our heat.

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Ever since I moved out of my folks’ house and went to college, my life changed dramatically. Hands down, the biggest change of all that I have undergone is the development of an exercise routine. As a result, I’ve become sort of a gym rat. That habit wasn’t much of an issue when I first moved into my rental home; however, since then, the winter has arrived and I’ve resolved to work out at home all six days of my workout week versus the couple days I was committed to doing so at home when the weather was nice and I’d frequent the local gym more regularly. That decision has had its benefits–namely convenience, but it’s also brought about unfavorable, lingering effects–as in some of the smells in my house that I just can’t quite get rid of. No matter how many windows I open or how long I leave them open, certain select scents of humanity just won’t go away. Consequently, I reached out to a co-worker of mine who happens to work part time with an HVAC agency about potential solutions to my situation. He suggested that I invest in what’s called an air purifier, which I could pick up at my local supermarket. On the way home from work that day, I did just that. Once I set the system up in the room I had designated for my home gym, I let the tower-type filtration system do it’s thing. After a couple hours, I came back and MAN did I notice the difference! The air smelled considerably cleaner and even felt much lighter and easier to breathe. I called my friend immediately and showered him with gratitude, explaining that my wallet and now my lungs owed him a great deal of thanks!

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My daughter got invited to a birthday party this past weekend. Since she is only eight years old, I decided to accompany her to the party. It had been several years since my last time at a roller skating rink, but I thought it might be a little bit of fun. The weather outside was chilly, and it was snowing lightly when we left our home. I knew the skating rink would probably be warm, so I let my daughter dress in a light jacket. We arrived to the birthday p[arty around ten o’clock in the morning. It was decorated with lovely pink and red ribbons. Everything looked marvelous. and I was excited for my daughter to have her very first skating rink birthday party. As soon as I removed my jacket, I could tell that the A/C was running. I could feel the drafty, cool air coming out of the air vents. I thought it was probably getting warmed up. When it still felt rather cool inside, I asked the waitress if the A/C was working. She said they run the A/C even though it is very cold outdoors. The kids get sweaty and warm, so they keep the A/C running. I guess that saves a heap of money on heating bills during the winter months. My daughter had to keep her jacket on during the entire morning of skating. I was thankful that I had managed to locate a sweater, right before leaving the house. I was happy when the party was finally over, because I was ready to get back to the heating system of our home.  

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I live in a big city and ever since I rented my first apartment at 18 I have never really found one ideal living situation. You really are in the hands of the owner of the building as well as the super who fixes anything that needs fixing in your apartment. I have had so many issues with heating and cooling systems in all the older apartment buildings I have rented, but I learned to just accept it for how much I paid. Sometimes I surprised myself by how handy I was and fixing a thermostat control box or even a window air conditioning unit. But this most recent apartment I was totally at a loss in what to do. I called the super over and over to complaining about the HVAC system but he wouldn’t return my call. I thinking he knew it was his fault for not keeping up with the basic upkeep and repair for the apartment building’s heating and cooling unit and didn’t want to deal with me. But the smell of mold coming through my vents was starting to make really sick and I know it was toxic likely since the damp weather and forgetting to change out air filters. I kept leaning into him and I think he started to realize he could get fired if I called the landlord. So finally he came to look at my HVAC unit in the apartment and I showed him the moldy vents. He wanted to fix it himself, but I told him no way that it was way too serious now and he needed to call a professional heating and air conditioning service provider. He was not happy with me, but I knew I had a lot of pull here to keep his job.

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Although my boyfriend and I have a thriving relationship the majority of the time, our patience with one another is sometimes tested. We live in a little apartment in the downtown area of a northern city. Essentially, this apartment is ideal for one person. With two people living there, it is a much harder to feel comfortable and keep existence running smoothly. To life slightly more complex, we have a cat and a medium-sized dog. Life for the four of us is not easy in such a small apartment. In addition to the lack of space, we’ve been experiencing communication problems, which stem from the heating and cooling system in this particular apartment. I love being warm and cozy, so when I at the apartment  I habitually adjust the thermostat so that the furnace ignites. My man, on the other hand, would choose to feel the cooling breeze with the air conditioner. Because our apartment is roughly the size of a studio, we can’t really implement something like zone control heating and cooling. Zone control HVAC will allow us both to have control over our individual heating and cooling preferences. Sadly, given the dimensions of our apartment, along with the heating and cooling system we have installed, my boyfriend and I continue to inconvenience one another in the case of adjusting the restricted thermostat. We have had to implement a heating and cooling regimen that coincides with our respective work schedules. More than likely, life would be easier for my boyfriend and I if we moved into a more substantial place with zone control HVAC!commercial HVAC