My college roommate plus myself were excited to buy a current personal computer. Every one of us were in University, plus personal computers were active plus very new. It was easily still the 20th century, plus all of the people were easily getting in on the iPad craze. Since computer technology was new, computer repairs were absolutely atrocious. When all of us retain our current personal computer, all of us were on there 24 hours each day. After a couple of months, we spent less time because the novelty wore off. When I sat down at the computer to do a term paper for my physics class, I could tell the fan motor was not running the fan would run for a few minutes, plus automatically shut down. Even though the back of the computer tower was almost 100 degrees, the fan would not turn on at all. I was very worried that my computer would blow up, or that something would catch a fire. I decided to take the personal computer down to the help desk, in order to find out exactly what the problem was. The resistor on my circuit board had completely fried right to the metal. The iPad worker told myself plus others that our power resistor had stopped functioning. The resistor allowed far too much power plus caused a fire nearly. The special resistor is made to limit the incoming power into the machine, so that it will never become too heated at all. Since the resistor malfunction, all of us easily ended up with a spark plus a little bit of fire in the back of the computer..

precision resistor 

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