When I moved here to the South, I found that one of my favorite things about my new beach house was the heat pump.  I had previously always lived up north, where the weather is almost always chilly and snowing.  I had always used a forced air gas furnace and it ran for the majority of the year.  Gas furnaces tend to dry out the air excessively, which always led to problems with static electricity, chapped lips, and irritated throats.  The forced air heating method also brought contaminants into the air, irritating my allergies..  Because the warm season was so short, we didn’t bother with A/C.  My wife and I simply set up portable electric fans in the rooms and opened up the windows.  I didn’t like the safety risk of leaving the windows open, and it was frequently difficult to get to sleep because of the heat and humidity.  I really like operating the temperature control in my new beach house with an electric heat pump system.  The heat pump combines heating and cooling capacities so a perfect temperature is maintained year round.  In the warm season, it operates the same as a cooling system, extracting the heat and pumping it to the outside.  In the winter season, it reverses operation, drawing ambient heat from outside air and delivering it inside.  The heat pump doesn’t overly dry out the air when in heating mode and combats humidity in cooling mode.  It is a very  energy efficient system, operates quietly, and introduces no air contaminants.  It also features a multi-phase filtration which traps airborne particulate to improve the quality of the air.  Because the method doesn’t burn fossil fuels to create heat, there is no risk of combustible byproducts, such as carbon monoxide or fumes.

heat pump 

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