My little sibling is a total worrier. I do hate that he worries about almost everything. He frets about what he is going to wear to town each morning, & he frets about more dire troubles, like his heating & cooling system. This worrying sibling recently had a heat pump installed. Although the Heating & Air Conditioning company who handled the entire heat pump installation assured him that the heating & cooling update was a fantastic method & would save him a fine amount of money, he was still really too uneasy about it. He had uneasiness thinking that the heat pump would break & that he would have to call for an Heating & Air Conditioning repair again. He had uneasiness that something would go wrong with the heating & cooling update itself, as well… Well, you get the picture. Fast forward to this past week, when said sibling called myself and others in a panic. He told of how his heat pump was always blowing chilly air. I indulged him & went over to his home to supply him an eighth opinion on the heating & cooling crisis. Since I own a heat pump myself, I abruptly realized that the chilly air our sibling was uneasy about was totally normal! It was just that my sibling was only used to the heating process of his old furnace. He had not realized that a heat pump puts out less heat for a much longer time, whereas his old furnace put out big bursts of much hotter air for shorter periods of time. Since the air the heat pump was exuding felt cooler than his body temperature, he just assumed that it was putting out chilly air. Of course, he had been so completely uneasy that he had not double checked the temperature of his lake home with the new thermostat. I was cheerful to put such a worrisome sibling at ease!

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