My roommate and I decided to invest in a new computer. We were still in college, and computers will still pretty new. It was the 1990’s, and everyone was trying to get in on the computer craze. Since the technology was still fairly new, repairs were expensive. When we first got our new computer, we were on it all day long. After a few months, the novelty wore off and we spent less time typing on the keyboard.  When I sat down to work on a paper that was due for Chemistry, I realized that the fan motor was not running properly. It would run for about one or two minutes, and then shut off completely. It would not come back on, no matter how hot the computer became. I was immediately concerned for the hardware that sits in the back of the computer tower. It was nearly 100 degrees outside, and the computer felt sizzling hot. A couple of minutes after I finished my term paper, the computer started smoking and then I saw a tiny spark of fire in the back. I pulled the plug from the wall, and called for help. The resistor located on the motherboard of my computer, had been completely fried. The computer technician told me that one of our resistors had stopped working, The resistor was allowing too much power into the computer, and therefore, it caused a fire. The special resistors are suppose to limit the amount of power coming in and out of the electronic. When it malfunctioned, we ended up with a spark and a fire.

precisions resistors 

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