Every summer I drag my mother’s air conditioner down from the attic. My mother has a window air conditioning unit which is cumbersome.  The unit is so big that it won’t fit in her window. Also, It also is so bulky and heavy that I have to bribe my little brother, Josh, into helping me move it. The cooling device must be carried down the narrowest set of stairs you can imagine.  Then we must try to fit it through a very narrow hallway with rugs that tend to catch on the AC unit. Finally, we manage to carry the AC device to our mother’s room. I find it really easy to work on air conditioners, so I set it up in the best place and then clean it, and I make sure the cooling is set just as Mom wants. When that is done, she uses it all summer long. The moment fall arrives and the temperatures turn cooler, my mother wants the AC unit removed  from her room. I agree with her because the cooling equipment takes up too much room. Then I need to ask Josh to help me again. He is much grumpier about carrying  the cooling device up a flight of stairs than he was about bringing them downstairs.. Either he or I always manages to get our hand stuck between the wall and the unit, or drop the huge air conditioning unit on our foot. Each year we promise ourselves that the next year we will get her a suitable air conditioner that will fit in her window, or we will hire an air conditioning company to install central air conditioning which is easily turned on from a thermostat.

air conditioning unit 

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