At the time my husband and I first purchased our house, the two of us were on a very limited budget.  The house was pretty old and fairly rundown, and it needed some major renovations.  We didn’t have the money to do everything at once, so the two of us had to prioritize.  Since we live in the northeastern section of the country, we figured that the heating system had to be addressed first.  By taking out a home improvement loan, we were able to invest in a brand new, state-of-the-art, forced air gas furnace system.  The gas furnace does a wonderful job of keeping the whole house warm throughout the winter season.  Since it features variable-speed technology with zone control features, it is extremely energy efficient and we are able to keep our yearly gas bills reasonably low.  The house is comfortable all through the winter months, but it is terribly hot and sticky all summer long.  In this part of the country, air conditioning is not really a necessity.  It’s more pressing for us to update the electrical wiring and renovate the plumbing pipes, as well as the drains.  The walls need to be insulated, the windows need replacing and we need to tear out both bathrooms.  The kitchen does not have adequate cupboard space and we need to replace the countertops.  The large area rug in the master bedroom is terribly stained.  We will also need a new roof within the next five years, so we don’t think we’ll be able to install a cooling system for at least another 10 years.  We don’t know how we’ll be able to survive the heat and humidity of the summers without having air conditioning.  Even multiple box fans aren’t enough to cool down the house, making it impossible to sleep at night.  Although this hot, humid weather is only here for a few months, it’s genuinely excruciating.  I usually try to go shopping every day, just so I can enjoy the air conditioning.

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My cousin shawn and I enjoy watching this show together called Naked and Afraid. The show puts one man and one woman together without clothes or supplies for three weeks. They only get to bring one bag and they each pick one item to bring with them. Then they try to fend off the land while being naked. It is hilarious to observe how bad the people struggle. Fireplace always takes forever, the shelter they build sometimes is terrible as well as the girl always is useless. It can be a great show and highly recommend it. Jeff and I are contemplating getting on the show. We discussed genital herpes virus treatments would bring for our an individual item. Jeff would bring flint with the fire trouble. I told him I would bring a cooling device. There are basically air conditioning devices which might be powered by a battery wrap. If the show was effectively equipped, maybe I could get a generator powered one. The technicians don’t matter, all I know is that air conditioning may be my one item. I could tackle no food, smelly water in addition to inferior shelter. I could not cope with no air conditioning. The people are always inside the tropics. I am a redhead along with pasty white skin. I literally would die merely did not have AC to cool off in after the day. How happy are you willing to be on a tropical island if you had A/C? The guy and girl always finally end up fighting. I think providing cooling relief would ease a lot of tension.HVAC maintenance plans

Anytime I spend even a night at a hotel, I make sure there is one thing that is included with it. I need the hotel to have a gym facility. I have to be able to exercise everyday to wake up, reduce stress and it makes me happy. I will pay for a hotel that is twice the cost of another if they have a gym facility. Sometimes hotels claim to have a very nice gym, and then when I show up to work out in it, it is not a good gym. Vacationing in the tropics is always a problem because it’s hard to find a gym. The gyms are usually as big a small closet, and have one treadmill and maybe a another cardio machine. A perk of getting a hotel that has a gym in it is for the air conditioning. The workout equipment is usually lacking a lot of things, but the air conditioning surpasses my expectations. I was thinking that people that live in the tropics will not be able to work out without the AC because of the extremely hot weather. Going on vacation to tropical areas suck. You never know what you are going to get. Sometimes I am pleasantly impressed to find hand weights and additionally exercise balls. Sometimes there are also yoga mats on the floors. If i go on vacation to non tropical places i might not be able to get air conditioning inside the gyms during my work out’s. It really is horrible when performing exercises in a new climate  and not having control of the temperature in the room. There should be a law for all gyms to have quality cooling in an area if it reaches a certain degree outside.

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About a year ago, I was able to arrange our job so that I can actually from home.  It has been such an improvement.  I can now set our own hours, as well as instead of working early in the day, I can now work late into the night.  There’s no need to dress in uncomfortable corporation attire, as I now normally wear sweatpants as well as T-shirts. I have a sound system and can blast all my favorite songs. I invested in an ergonomic leather swivel chair, as well as an enormous desk. In addition I upgraded our laptop to the best model available.  I’ve found that I am far more productive if our workspace never leaves the set ideal temperature.  If I begin to feel overheated as well as sweaty, or even slightly chilly, I become distracted and get nothing done.  Because of this, I took out a small condo improvement loan as well as installed a brand new Heating as well as Air Conditioning system.  This not only benefits our workspace but the entire home, helping me to get a better night’s sleep as well as saving money on our weekly energy bills.  The Heating as well as Air Conditioning system is a variable speed unit, which means that it can adjust capacity in small increments to match demand.  This allows for lower speed and longer cycles, creating a more even temperature as well as requiring less energy.  Plus the system is quiet and effective at filtering contaminants as well as excess humidity from the home.  One of the best features is the smart thermostat, which allows me to adjust temperature without leaving our desk.  Through an app on our desktop, I can easily raise or lower temperature, set fan speeds or switch from heating to cooling.  I also get notifications for repair needs or filter change requirements.  While upgrading the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system was a significant expense, it has been extremely worthwhile.  

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Because of our drastic pollen irritations, I’ve constantly hated the springtime. While everyone else welcomes the mild temperatures plus blooming flowers, I suffer headaches, congestion, sore throat, constant sneezing, plus itchy eyes.  Pollen, dust, along with fresh cut lawn are our enemies, so I keep the windows in our home shut tight. When there is an especially high pollen count, I don’t dare venture outside. In order to protect our health plus improve our quality of life, I’ve needed to install a central cooling system. The weather in our region is more prone to snow and chilly temperatures, so most don’t bother investing in an air conditioner. They open the windows along with running box fans, or buy a compact window A/C unit. I never open the windows, and I startup our A/C the day after I turn off the furnace. The A/C helps to circulate the air, combat humidity, plus filter out contaminants. It creates a much cleaner, healthier indoor environment, but it’s not enough. Due to keeping the windows closed tight all year round, the same stale air is stuck in the home plus continuously circulated. This air is polluted with dust, dead skin, bacteria, viruses, plus it aggravates our pollen irritations. Adding an whole-home air purifier has significantly reduced our allergy symptoms. The air purification system continuously cleans the indoor air, removing airborne contaminants, plus protecting air quality. The combination of the A/C system plus air purification device has created a safe haven for me.  I sleep better, think better, plus am far more productive because of it.

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I work as an office manager for a local manufacturing company.  I really like my job and the people I work with are great for the most part.  There are a few people who are very dramatic but that is at any job. There is one big downside to my office.  It is located in the heart of the factory where there is only fluorescent lighting and climate controlled air.  Just once, I would love to have a sunny window or fresh breeze flowing through my work area. Spending my days inside, trapped in artificial lighting and air conditioning really gets to me sometimes.  I bought one of the sound machines to help me relax.  It has sounds of nature and the ocean so I sometimes close my eyes and envision myself relaxing on the beach with a cool breeze blowing over me.  Then reality hits and I am back in my office.  I shouldn’t complain as much as I do because at least I have a working HVAC system.  Most of the factory does not and that would be even more miserable. Sometimes, when we have our staff meetings I hear the other workers complain that the floor gets so hot that they feel as though they will pass out.  I feel bad for them too because there is just no happy medium when it comes to our building.  At least when I am home I have full control over my own environment.  My own HVAC system is set to my liking and when it is nice outside, I turn it off and open the windows. HVAC installer

I have a pretty great job. It is challenging enough to make it interesting and I work with some really great people.  The environment is pretty relaxed most of the time, and with the exception of a few demanding people, I don’t deal with much drama. I don’t mind going to work each day, because I suppose everything will run smoothly and my day passes quickly. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is spending my afternoons inside, trapped in artificial lighting and air conditioning. I wish more than anything that I could have the sun on my face and a natural breeze in my hair, rather than fluorescent lighting and the continual draft from my overhead air vent. The buildings temperature is controlled by the main office so we don’t have any way to adjust it for individual comfort. I really shouldn’t complain as we have the newest HVAC system in our building and others suffer with faulty systems.  On the other hand, wearing sweatshirts over my business clothes is not the greatest either. On afternoons when I can’t take it anymore, I head outside for fresh air and the natural warmth from the sun. This usually makes my job more tolerable and helps me to focus better.  I did hear a rumor that they were planning on providing small portable heaters for those of us that are too cold all the time.  That would be great.  At least my feet and legs would be warmer and I wouldn’t have to sneak and wear heavy socks while sitting there.

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I have a pretty wonderful job. I work with really intelligent people who don’t want to rock the boat, so all of us all get along great. The place is pretty laid back most of the time, and with the exception of a few demanding coworkers, I don’t deal with much drama. I don’t mind going to work each day, because I know everything will run smoothly and the eight hours passed before I know it. The only thing that makes many of us bitter is spending our workdays inside, trapped in artificial lighting and air conditioning. I wish more than anything that I could sit with the sun on my face and a natural breeze in my hair, rather than fluorescent lighting and the continual draft from the air vent located right above my head. Luckily it’s a fairly new building, so unlike a lot of other facilities, we have sufficient heating and cooling throughout the entire space. We don’t ever have afternoons when it feels too hot, although it normally feel too cold. They blast the air conditioner year round to make up for the heat that the equipment puts off. There’s no way to adjust for individual spaces with this system. I often end up wearing several sweatshirts over my nice work clothes. Those are the afternoons when I’m really wishing for fresh air and natural warmth from the sun. I go on a lot of walks to break up the work afternoon and enjoy the warmth on my face. Returning to my cold, over air conditioned desk is like a slap in the face, however as I said, the job is good, I am paid well, and most of my coworkers are like family. air conditioner repair

My father is a stickler about keeping the thermostat at a set temperature. He takes care our HVAC system so he does what he can to keep us from overworking it or running the bill up. When we’re in the house, he keeps the thermostat with 73 degrees. When we are not in the house, he turns it up to 75 degrees. This ensures that air conditioner won’t run incessantly when its use is not needed. I remember once when I was younger, I came home from playing soccer. I had been running all afternoon in the heat and all I wanted was to rest beneath the air vent. When I walked inside and I turned the thermostat down to 68 degrees, thinking I would wake up before my dad made it at home. I was wrong. My 30 minute nap changed into a three hour long snooze. I woke up to my dad shouting at me from inside the hallway. He was so angry I broke the rules by making the air conditioner run a few degrees lower. Things were made even more serious when he took money out of my allowance to pay for the cost it added to the utility bill. I always thought he was too harsh but now I have a home of my own and I have to care for my own HVAC system. I know that failure to take action could lead to a higher utility bill or worse, a costly repair. Maybe my dad taught me something after all. If only there could  have a compromise with him about setting the thermostat at 70 degrees once in awhile!

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I do a great deal of traveling for my job and this usually which requires me to waste hours upon end, sitting around airports. I have had to endure long layovers in nearly all major airports, all  around the USA, and it only took a few times for me to realize that had to keep a jacket with me at all times. It’s hard enough to work on a project or to just relax with the  constant noise and distractions at a terminals but the fact that the seating areas are always abnormally cold cold makes things worse. The HVAC system at an airport seems to be able to work perfectly but I guess the staff always keeps the thermostat at a low setting. Even in the midst of summer, I find myself shivering while I pass the time, waiting for my plane. On multiple occasions, I have asked the airport staff whenever I could to raise the temperature to the thermostat but they always tell me they’ve no control over the HVAC system. I guess the settings remain at the same level regardless what the weather is like. One way around this problem is to look for a spot that is far away from the air vents. If it weren’t for the low indoor temperatures, I think I would enjoy traveling more but I really cannot stand to stay an area where I haven’t any control over the cooling system. Getting in the plane is always a relief to me because it means I am one step closer to getting to my own air conditioner home. Here, I can set the temperature to whatever I prefer!

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