I have a pretty superb job, and work with a great group of people.  I feel that we are a tight knit group with the exception of a few, drama creating, people who I can easily ignore in my day to day job.  There is only one part of the job I would change if I could.  I work in a climate controlled environment all day.  We get no fresh air unless we sit outside at lunch and I just feel cooped up. . I feel trapped in artificial lighting and air conditioning. I wish more than anything that I could feel the sun on my face and a natural breeze in my hair, rather than fluorescent lighting and the continual draft from my overhead air vent. Luckily it’s a pretty new building, so unlike a lot of other places, we have adequate heating and cooling throughout. Most of the time, it is cooler in the building rather than warmer.  Due to all of the electrical components, they need to keep the temperature down to around 60 degrees. I often end up wearing several sweatshirts over my nice work clothes. On afternoons when I’m especially wishing for fresh air and natural warmth from the sun, so I go on a lot of walks to break up the work day. Returning to the cold, over air conditioned work area is always a slap in the face, however overall I have little to complain about.  I feel fortunate as many of my friends have the opposite problems. They work with people they don’t like and they don’t have great Heating & Air Conditioning.

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I don’t think it’s an understatement to speak about how I’m a busy man nor do is it prideful to claim so because, in all truth, I am! In addition to my main job, I’m involved in a couple other endeavors as an approach to earn some extra cash and to make my lifelong dream of being a business owner a truthfulness. Given all that I’m needed for, I spend a decent period on the phone, and not just within the office. Whether it’s during my hour drive from work or when I’m riding around my hometown on the weekends, I always seem to end up spending a large number of what should be my relaxation time on the phone. Moreover, the thing that bothers me the most is when I take a call and can’t hear the person on the other line due to the combination of my air always being on full blast–which it always is–and the caller not communicating in a loud enough manner. As a conclusion, I always end up turning the air conditioning down to take the phone call only to turn it completely back up once the session has ended. A local buddy of mine who happens to be a mechanic for a big car company recently talked about an automatic climate-adjustable system. Basically, whenever I decide to take a particular inbound call, my car air will lower to a pre-set, call-friendly level of a choosing. And if I really had to get fancy, I could pay for a system that would allow a similar thing to happen during outbound phone calls. Since having it installed, my wife considers such a feature unnecessary, but I’ve found it to get life-alteringly wonderful!


My husband and I have finally transitioned to our twilight years. I could leave my job for good last year, and now that we are financially sound, he was finally been allowed to follow in my footsteps just one full year later, to the day. Now we can focus fully on us. We’ve been able to maintain the life we’ve always dreamed, which has included making various upgrades around the house. One such change was the choice to switch from a traditional water heater to a boiler water heating system. My husband was the one who introduced the idea, and based on his persuasive words, it seemed like an awesome idea. As fair of a story as he gave me, the technician we hired to install the apparatus gave the description in terms that even we could understand. While either system would allow my husband and I to have all the domestic hot water that we could imagine to be flowing through our pipelines, the newer version could be more energy- and, consequently, cost-efficient. Unlike our trusty-yet-old water heater, the boiler apparatus would not really store our potable water in a tank. Instead, it would simply heat the liquid as it passed through that system. Not surprisingly, the cost of the upgrade was rather expensive in the beginning, but once we started seeing the savings build up on our monthly electric charge, those up front costs did actually vanish from our memories, similar to the old water tank that vanished from our property.

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I have a pretty enjoyable job. I work with highly intelligent people who don’t want to rock the boat, so we all get along great. The environment is pretty relaxed most of the time, and with the exception of a few demanding professors, I don’t deal with much drama. I don’t mind going to work each day, because I know everything will run smoothly and it’ll be over with before I know it. The only thing that makes me bitter is spending my days inside, trapped in artificial lighting and air conditioning. I wish more than anything that I could feel the sun on my face and a natural breeze in my hair, rather than fluorescent lighting and the continual draft from my overhead air vent. Luckily it’s a pretty new building, so unlike a lot of other facilities on campus, we have adequate heating and cooling throughout. We don’t ever have days when it feels too hot, although it does commonly feel too cold. They blast the air conditioner year round, I swear to you. There’s no way to adjust your own thermostat, so I can’t even stay cozy in my office. I often end up wearing several sweatshirts over my nice work clothes. Those are the days when I’m especially wishing for fresh air and natural warmth from the sun, so I go on a lot of walks to break up the work day. Returning to my cold, over air conditioned desk is always a slap in the face, but overall I have little to complain about except for the HVAC.

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In the days of cowboys and Indians, things were much different from  what they are now. Houses were created with cracks in the floor permitting cool air in from under the home. Windows were, also, left open to allow cool breezes to flow through and cool off the inhabitants. When electricity came around, ceiling fans became popular. Ladies used accessory fans, some of which ended up being very ornate in design. I put together the bright idea that I could survive like that, too. So one day I went to my HVAC thermostat and shut it down. I opened all the windows and dressed in very cool clothing. I went about the day, forgetting that I had shut down my HVAC unit. I was proud, for an hour or so. I allowed myself to believe the modern day heating and cooling system was overrated. I used a magazine to fan myself and drank an abundance of water. At times, I stood in front of the window to allow the cool air outside to sweep over my sweaty body. After a long time, though, the temperature on my property became very uncomfortable. I started to think that I should flip my air conditioning back on, but I didn’t plan to admit defeat. By the time my better half arrived home, I was steeped in sweat. He asked me what was wrong with our HVAC system and laughed at me when I told him the whole scenario. He muttered to himself and then he flipped the HVAC thermostat back on. I was so happy to feel the cool air blowing right out of the air conditioning vents, but I refused to ever let anyone recognise that. It was quite an adventure on the day I decided to live like they do with the westerns.

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I work on my computer so I spend a great deal of time in my house. I love it. I don’t really care too much about socializing, so a job working from your home is perfect for me. I choose my own hours and I can spend way more quality time with my life partner and children. While I are working, the kids like to play outside. They usually play basketball or baseball with some other kids from the neighborhood. The other day, while I was working, I heard your loud smash. One of the kids had thrown a baseball right through my office window. I do have an air conditioner, but I immediately felt the room getting warmer by the second. Even though my HVAC unit was running, all the cool air was flowing right out of the window and the house started heating up. It was very humid outside and it was causing the house to get extremely warm inside. I decided to switch the HVAC system off, so as not to run up the electric bill. I called my better half and he went and bought a brand new window and installed it right away. I turned the air conditioning back on and could feel the house start to cool-down. The HVAC system was working extra hard to fight the severe heat that took over the house while my husband put in the window. That was the day I realized that we were lucky to own a well maintained HVAC unit in our home.

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I love Spring! We finally possess a break from the long winter of snow and ice, and things beginning look alive again. Last month, my husband bought me a greenhouse for the backyard. For the last week, I have been reading a lot about growing conditions that will be optimum for starting and maintaining plants from springtime until late in the autumn. The whole idea is to get our own vegetable crops, so we are able to enjoy healthy food during the season. The greenhouse is 14 feet by 9 feet. It is an actual structure, not those portable types that you install in one day. We have electricity and water in existence to make it more convenient for me to work. We purchased seedlings a couple weeks ago, and I set up every one of the plants on shelves. It seemed like everything was going great. The other day, however, I went in to find that many of the plants had started to cease to live. I checked the PH within the soil, water levels and such, nothing made sense. I then realized the fact that the panels in the roof that vent out the greenhouse gases were closed. I opened the door to allow fresh air into the building, but it was too cold for my many plants. I was really at a loss. I called my neighbor who works for a local HVAC company. He came over and said that if I had an air unit installed, I would never be required to worry about the conditions and air quality again in my greenhouse. I really never thought about any HVAC system for the greenhouse. Then, I started talking to him about different options. We came up with a good ductless system that has an air purification unit. I realize that this may be a big investment in a greenhouse; however, now I can grow my own food all year long! This means that we eat healthier and make big savings at the grocery store as well.

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Residing in the Northeast, our winters are very long and difficult to endure. As a single mom with four kids, it is difficult to entertain them once they are on a long school break. From the first day of the break, I started hearing about how bored they were. For this year’s break, I planned a weekend stay at an indoor water park in the south. We were all very excited about the trip. The kids could run around having fun all day, and I could get the rest that I really needed. The drive was an endless trip, as the kids were constantly bugging me about our arrival time. When we finally arrived, I was ready to get out of the car. We unpacked our vehicle and checked into the hotel room. The kids were so excited that they headed to the water slide immediately after putting their suitcases away. As people entered the swimming area, a smell of chlorine and humid towels was overwhelming. I couldn’t believe how stale the oxygen was. You would think that the hotel would have a better dehumidifier and air filtration system given the number of people that stay there everyday. The kids didn’t seem to mind, but it was really bothering me. They headed into the pool and seemed to be having fun, but I had to do something about this problem. I felt like there were countless germs everywhere, and I couldn’t wait to return to the room. I spoke to the hotel management about the situation, and I told them that I would have left the hotel had it not been for the kids. They offered me a reduced price on my stay and said that they were going to have the HVAC unit  upgraded. They realized that the problem had be than their original system could no longer had the amount of air that the room needed. We hope to return next winter, and I am expecting to find a pool area with a much improved air conditioning system.

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A woman waits her entire life to get married on a beautiful day! I calculated every aspect of what could possibly go wrong on our special day with a plan B for each issue/ I knew where  everyone lived, so the reality was that we could expect any type of weather on any given morning, but I still wanted our dream ceremony outside whether it rained or not!  When our morning came I felt the universe challenging me on way too many levels that I needed in that already really stressful moment. The weather was reporting to be hot with a option of a drastic thunder storm coming through, but now that generally would mean that all of us were going to have pockets of sun here in there, but well, the storm came and it was so hot, humid and very sticky I though most of our older guests were going to just literally keel over and die if we didn’t find a solution quickly for the cooling unit. Ironically they brought out to gigantic stationary fans to help ease those discomfort, but it certainly wasn’t enough and before you knew it people were running back and forth to the dining hall which was partially inside and air conditioned. I didn’t believe what to do other than to keep proceeding with the ceremony and hope for the best. By the time all of us finished all the people rushed into where it was cooler and all of us asked to run the thermostat pretty low to cool all the people down. When they tried to do this all of us heard a big crash and then smelled an awful smell through all the air cooling vents.  it seems we ask too much of our HVAC system and it shut down on what felt like the hottest day of the year! How hard is it to keep your HVAC unit replaced and maintained when you rent out your facility to groups? I was sure to get a refund for a single broken air conditioner, but my wedding ceremony was horrible!

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I was so happy  to get a job at an all day camp for elementary age school  kids. I was so ready to start earning money for myself so that I didn’t have to ask my parents for every little thing and could  save a little to make other purchases. I’m certain that my parents were more happy that I was finally working in order to save for university, however truth be told that was absolutely the furthest from my mind and they didn’t need to feel any of that at all! My first day was so overwhelming! I just didn’t realize how much there was to learn about my yearly responsibilities, works and the needs of children, however they were boys, how much did I need to know? Boy was I wrong, a lot! The camp was a mix of indoor and outdoor activities which meant a lot of time in the  hot weather and the sun. This was not really great for me with my asthma and breathing  issues as I also dehydrate easily. I was afraid to say anything in case of being fired, however my coworker noticed and told me to go inside with the air conditioner to cool down for a bit, and well, when I went inside I thought something must be genuinely wrong for the temperature was barely cooling. I heard the  HVAC machine on and the air was blowing, however it was barely even cool. In fact, the air was so stuffy, it was clear that no one had changed an air filter any time soon or had it maintained by a licensed Heating plus A/C provider at that. I asked about it, however someone just said they were genuinely cheap and this was the best to expect.

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