Many years ago, my mother went to live in a nursing home and left me her beach house. Although the home is small and old, it is in a prime tourism location and it is worth a fortune. I promised my mother that I would keep it in the family until she died, but I am so busy that I almost never get a chance to visit it. So, I decided to start renting it out during the busy season for some extra income. I decided to invest a little money into the place to make it a more attractive place to stay. Besides doing cosmetic updates, I redid the bathrooms, floors and kitchens. The place looks amazing now. I also decided to update the HVAC system. I don’t think my mother has had the HVAC system updated in over 20 years, so an HVAC tune-up was long overdue. When the HVAC technician arrived to the house, he told me that the system was very old and outdated. He also mentioned that if I was planning on using this air conditioning system during tourism season, I was going to spend a fortune trying to keep the tenants comfortable. He recommended I look into a newer, better air conditioning system. I decided on a ductless mini split air conditioning system. I chose this A/C system because it is small, low maintenance and highly energy efficient. Plus, I was able to put a separate system in each of the bedrooms, so now I can rent the house out to multiple people at the same time.

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