My spouse likes to take camping trips consistently, but I don’t enjoy these trips. I have gone with her many times, and each time I discover that I am extremely uncomfortable. I mainly am used to spending my free time relaxing by the pool or watching movies with the air conditioning. She finds these ideas boring, but the heat around here is a lot for me to undertake. If I could bring along an air conditioner and somehow use it in our tent, then maybe I would consider going along with my spouse. I know that this isn’t very realistic. It’s clear that we would want access to electricity as well as a truck to include a portable A/C on the trips. Still, I’m sure there are other ways to have a good time outdoors. She always laughs anytime It is suggested that we rent a cabin that have an HVAC system. She would much rather live in a tent or sleep in a hammock. I know she loves being in nature, but certain things that I am not willing to give up on. A climate controlled area is not much to ask when you think about it. I am adventurous in other ways. I love to travel along with going sightseeing, but I would much prefer we retreat to a hotel for the night to sleep. I like knowing that no matter what we encounter during the day that we can come relax and adjust the thermostat as we would like in the evenings. The next mention my spouse gives me to go camping, I am going to claim that we travel to a brand-new city instead. Maybe she will get use to my thoughts on the adventure.

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