Let’s just begin by saying, I am not a fan of cruises. I have never been a fan and with last spring’s experience, I will never be. My husband would not stop asking me about a cruise, but I knew I would more than likely get seasick and not want to be stranded on a boat.. I actually liked plane travel and country exploring! For the sake of compromise we decided on a small island cruise in Portugal. I got my sightseeing and didn’t have to be on a boat constantly and he got his cruise. Effectively, I figured it may actually turn out okay, but I was wrong. Sure enough, the second we boarded, I could feel my motion sickness kicking in. I went to the room to lie down right away and it was an inside cabin with no windows for fresh air. I was trapped in an air conditioned ice box plus the processed air through the ventilation system was only making it worse! I tried fiddling with the thermostat box, but it was locked! What the heck, we had private rooms, I couldn’t set my own room’s temperature? I called up to the front desk to turn off this air conditioning unit, but they informed me that wasn’t possible. I asked for an upgrade to a room which had a window and that wasn’t obtainable. I told my husband if he didn’t fix the HVAC unit right now I was camping out on the island and no more cruising for me!


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