My partner and I needed different: I mean 100% completely different. So, we moved 400 miles outside of the edge of our comfort sector. I put myself in a new climate and even a new time zone. My mission was accomplished in under two weeks. It’s been four months plus, and it feels like I just arrived here. However, I continue to struggle, as I learn to adapt with the changes. I remember my uncle, who moved to the south a long time ago, said that with all the a/c units in the south, you don’t actually have the heat for very long at all. My wardrobe is the biggest challenge I face. I figured out how to dress for the heat, and I have purchased several new outfits allowing for the heat. However, I’ve noticed I don’t wear the new outfits as much as I thought I would. I wear my winter clothes more frequently now than I did even during the winter months up north. I have figured out that the air conditioning systems in the south are colder than the winter weather of the north. As we are working, our boss sets the thermostat down real low, as he likes the office to be very cold. Meanwhile, I have to step outside to escape the A/C units and thaw out. At home, I am wearing sweaters that I never even got to wear when I lived in the north. In my house up there, we never had an air conditioning system. I don’t even remember ever having a house that had central air in it; only places like dining establishments, school, and grocery stores had A/C units. I decided it is silly to be colder down here than I was up there, so I have set the thermostat in our house significantly higher than what we had it set to before. Hopefully, that will help with my A/C problem.  

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