Whenever the two of us have Christmas break at our school during the year, I look forward to really just spending all of the time in the local Barnes and Noble near to me. I have consistently been an avid reader since I was young, and books are certainly my number one friend there. The Barnes and Noble in our neighborhood is a very old, historical building near yo us. It has had a few recent upgrades even, but it still looks exactly the same way that it did many hundreds of years ago. In the past few years though, the neighborhood has just managed to restore a lot of the building, and add a few modern amenities for all of us to use. They upgraded all of the restrooms, so that the two of us have all brand new facilities installed. The neighborhood also installed a brand new Heating, Ventilation and A/C system in the Barnes and Noble to become more comfortable. The old system barely worked at all for us. During the Winter weeks, the Barnes and Noble has consistently been rather drafty and cold. It’s consistently been impossible to just spend the day studying, unless you were really bundled up in those many layers of clothing. This would be the first year that I will be able to enjoy the new Barnes and Noble features here, and I was honestly rather excited for it all. On my first full day off, I had just loaded up my own basket and headed right down to the Barnes and Noble to read a brand new book. When I had arrived then, the air quality was perfect to me. It was very warm, but not too hot for me either. There they had installed brand new ceiling fans in the room, so there was a very gentle breeze to break up all of the hot heat. After a few hours here the heating system was starting to make me feel very ill. It was so incredibly hot, and the oil furnace was still running consistently here. Even after removing my whole jacket and sweatshirt from myself the heating system was still too much to handle. I finally asked the librarian to adjust the thermostat, so I did not have to begin removing more clothing.

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The air quality in our house is quite good mostly. The two of us have a very nice air filtration system located in the house, because my husband works for an Heating, Ventilation and A/C contractor. He doesn’t install or service Heating, Ventilation and A/C systems, even though he is the only financial manager in the regional office there, then when our child was just tested with some asthma, the contractor provided to install a beautiful Heating, Ventilation and A/C system with a good air filtration system. The Heating, Ventilation and A/C system has a good tuned air purification system which works honestly very well in our eyes. The air purification system removes almost all of the airborne particles and allergens that it has, but our son’s attacks have been much less since having the air filtration and new Heating, Ventilation and A/C system installed here. The air filtration system is beautiful that I can simply smell the slightest difference in the outdoor air too. Whenever there is a big rain storm coming, I can even just smell the way the outdoor air changes for us, but sometimes when the storms are coming in from the gulf, the air will smell very salty and humid. Inside the house, the air is crisp and clean still it seems.  Everything in the house is exactly at the perfect temperature that we want it to be. The two of us even have the ability to change the humidity levels inside of the house inside. The two of us have a beautiful smart control pad, that the two of us use to simply just control every space of our Heating, Ventilation and A/C system. The two of us can also just adjust the temperatures, humidity levels, and the alarm system from the same control panel that we have. The two of us live in an space that has a hot Summer season too, so the upgraded Heating, Ventilation and A/C system is superb in our eyes. The Summer seasons can be downright miserable sometimes for us, because of the humidity and scorching heat that we get.

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I know people dream about their fantasy house. They imagine a house that is perfect, and hope  to build the structure from scratch. I have a different sort of dream.  It’s not so much about the actual house.  I want to live in the perfect location.  I’ve always resided in a hot, muggy climate.  I run the air conditioner just about all year long. I would love to find an area where there is a mild  climate all year long.  I’d like the temperature to just right, no matter the season.  Now I realize that this goal is next to impossible.  No place has the perfect weather all the time.  But, if I had the right HVAC system, I could be comfortable no matter what.  So I need a cooling and heating system that I can run without totally draining my budget.  Because I already have a forced air furnace and central cooling system.  I still don’t heat or cool to the ideal temperature because of the high cost.  I still pay very high electric and gas bills.  After doing some research, I came across geothermal heating and cooling.  A geothermal heat pump is the most energy efficient HVAC option on the market.  It costs very little to run and maintains perfect indoor temperature all year round. However, a geothermal heating and cooling system is very expensive to install.  The HVAC contractor needs to dig up the lawn to install the underground loop system.  Once the HVAC equipment is in place, it saves a tremendous amount of money and should recover the investment in under five years. I still wish for the perfect climate.   

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My Grandparents have always wanted to retire somewhere near the beach. In the last year, they were finally ready to retire and hoped to settle down somewhere they could hear and feel the ocean breeze. This goal, however, turned out to be a bit more difficult than they initially imagined.  They toured numerous houses on the market near the beach.  The majority needed a new Heating and Air Conditioning system in order to maintain comfort at the beach house year round.  While my Grandparents didn’t see this as a major concern, the rest of us disagreed.  They didn’t seem to realize that the ocean wind can be extremely cold in the winter, and will fail to keep them cool in the summer.  The rest of us were insistent that they find a home with an effective HVAC system. . We convinced them to keep looking, and recommended they widen their search to different neighborhoods.  They didn’t want something too far from the shops they would often visit.  They were reluctant to choose a home with too many stairs plus or enough lawn for my grandmother to have a garden.  They had many excuses but the main reason was because they wanted to be close to the beach.  We only wanted them to find a home with an HVAC system that was in decent shape. Finally, after nearly four months of searching, my Grandparents found the perfect place, right near the shore. It was only a short walk to the beach and the condominium management company had a brand new HVAC system in the building only two years earlier.  Each unit featured a zone heating plus cooling system. This would definitely save my grandparents quite a bit of money on their energy bills.  Plus, they could determine temperature settings room by room, which would ensure greater comfort.  We were all happy with their choice to live in a condo.   

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I opened my  own karate studio about six years ago. When I first purchased the building for the studio I was not overly happy with the space. The building was dirty and rather rundown. It had a lot of problems with plumbing and  many of the overhead lights did not work.  I had to clean and upgrad3 everything in that studio with new. It was so costly and time-consuming. My biggest concerns  was the ugly boiler unit situated in a closest of the studio. I definitely wanted to tear out the boiler and replace it with a more modern and compact heater. However, due to all the many other renovations, I could not afford to do tackle another project. So the boiler had to remain for awhile. The heating unit still put out warm air, so I could not make it a priority. I completed all the other renovations first, bought the necessary equipment and setup classes. By the time I was financially able to change out the boiler, I was sold on it. That boiler is wonderful! It an extremely powerful heating system. I can effectively heat up the whole studio in under an hour. It is the ideal size and is concealed from view of my students. I looked online and read some facts about  boilers.  The system is silent, safe and clean.  It could potentially last around 50 years. My furnace only lived to be twelve before I had to replace it. The boiler also has never malfunctioned or required  a repair. It is very energy efficient and has saved me so much money over the years. I hope it never fails.  

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I never figured that I would  do big things. I am not exactly ambitious or courageous.  I am okay with playing it safe and an ordinary routine.  However, I like to workout and  I have impressive muscles. I am the guy everybody calls to move their couch, table, television or anything else heavy. My skills lie in the heavy lifting department. That is why my job is perfect.  I work in  warehouse that handles tons of import and export shipments. I lift lots of heavy and bulky inventory and drive a forklift all day. I am happy with that.  In the Summer it is nice to be shaded and out of the sunshine and heat. The warehouse is typically cool, and has a commercial cooling unit installed. We try to keep all the doors and windows shut so that warehouse a/c can be cranked up to max capacity. The problem comes in the Winter season. There isn’t any type of heating unit in the warehouse. I don’t understand why we have AC but no heating. Every Winter, we all get by without  a heater. We tend to handle more shipments in the Winter season as well. The doors are constantly  wide open letting in freezing cold air and snow. My uniform is not insulated or warm enough.  My hands get cold and stiff, despite wearing gloves. Most likely, here is no heating since we have to keep the doors wide open. The energy waste would be tremendous, and heating would be really costly.  I just wish we had a few space heaters to combat the chill.  

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Both my wife and I recently entered into the AirBnB world of housing. Both my wife and I have a large property plus felt the two of us could acquire a ton of extra income with our nice extra trailer on our property while it was in the summertime, or maybe even the fall plus Springtime weeks. Both my wife and I live entirely easy on our farm with stationary fans plus everything seems to be pretty eco friendly. Both my wife and I didn’t entirely guess people would take such issue with the fact there was no air conditioning at all on the property. It does have the potential to get pretty warm at times, however the two of us constantly manage the hot and humid temperatures by putting heavy quilts on all of the windows in the afternoons which blocks the sun plus heat out, while also staying pretty cool. Right away, renters did not love this set up at all! They wanted light and to be able to open windows, which I can understand, as I used to be the same way before I l acquired this modern cooling energy saving trick. Both my wife and I tried to convince them over & over to at least use the stationary fans once to drop the temperature down, however they only walked away ticked off plus started to leave us awful reviews on the website. Both my wife and I knew the two of us needed to do something fast before losing any additional business. Both of us had a local Heating, Ventilation & A/C provider come out to visit and to assess our problems. The two of us were firm that we did not want to air condition the whole property, the only conclusion he offered up which entirely turned out to be unquestionably cost efficient for us was to install a simple and portable window box air conditioning unit. It was a small trailer, so one unit would simply cool it down very fast. It seemed to be working, so my wife and I slightly raised the rental fee to pay off all the extra costs. Problem solved for the moment!

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Who doesn’t love a long road trip? Well I get that most of you don’t love a road trip like I do. But, how can you not adore everything about exploring a fresh new modern road or a modern town?! I am constantly pleased at the many blessings plus gifts I receive from taking the gamble of exploring our beautiful world! Often, I travel alone, only so I don’t have to have constant road trip power struggles from food choices, to rest stops plus then the inevitable air conditioning or heating debates depending on the time of the year I choose to go road tripping. One hot summer I entirely wanted to travel back through the roads of the desert mountains. I had done this in my early twenties, when I was alone and separate from any air conditioning, but then I was more adventurous. I wasn’t feeling confident about taking this risk now that I was older. So, I decided to rent a great car with sweet air conditioning plus asked my best mate to go with me. Right from the start the Air Conditioning power struggle started. I couldn’t get over that he was habitually cold! Both of us were in the dry, hot desert with brutal temperatures over one hundred degrees! But there the two of us were debating over what temperature to keep it set on at any given time. At one point, I just resigned to give up plus be a little sizzling and humid for I knew it was a lot hotter outside than it was in our car. Once the two of us got to the hotel, I told my mate there was no way that the two of us were sharing a room together, that I needed a nice cool break from him, with a Heating, Ventilation & A/C device all to my own along with a personal temperature control setting that I could set to any temperature that made me cheerful! My mate was not pleased about, however he did understand our heating plus cooling differences.

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It really has been entirely too long since I’d a decent place to phone call home. For the last many years, I have made my home in the tiny efficiency apartment with only the bare necessities for getting buy. Since I am one particular mother with no family that is definitely capable of assisting me, it is typically hard, at times, to keep up with the cost of living at my southern town. I really didn’t have any access to proper cooling equipment when I moved out of my parent’s home a few years ago. Each and every time I get slightly extra cash and start considering the purchase of some kind of HVAC unit, another unexpected cost appears, and I have to set the air conditioning purchase on hold. During the summer, it gets so hot and uncomfortable with regard to my son and I. Because of this, when I was unexpectedly got money for my birthday, I was really thrilled to get a new window air conditioning system for my home. My brother had helped me install the new cooling unit, and I immediately turned machine on. I couldn’t recall a time that I felt so cold and comfortable. My son was ecstatic to have the cool, really comfortable breeze flowing from the new air conditioner. He laughed, giggled and spun around happy rejoicing over the A/C unit. It didn’t take long to cool-down my tiny apartment, but we still sat perfect in from the air conditioner for another day, playing games and watching television. I am so proud we was, finally, able to give my son an appropriate, air conditioned place to take up residence.HVAC equipment

Since my cousin brought home our new baby this past week, I have been sleeping inside same room as my two-year ancient son. There is not much I will do to help my wife with the baby right now, but I can help her in taking care of our son. By staying within the same room, I am able to supply her all of the space she needs to nurse our newborn and spend quality time with our son too. The one downside to keeping his room is it to be much warmer than our room does. I am not sure why this can be a case, as his room is at right across the hall because of our air conditioning system. One would think that a proximity to the A/C would lead it to stay a couple of degrees cooler than the rest of our home. His room does don’t have a ceiling fan, but the void of a fan should only produce a difference in the room’s temperature. Additionally, he has a desk fan that constantly operated, and the cooling vents can be found above my little boy’s bed. My son and I both possess very warm body temperatures, and it may be that us being around each other is causing both of people to be even warmer than we normally are. If that is not the reason for my sensation warmer, than I really don’t know what the problem is. I may have to call an heating and cooling repairman soon, especially if I plan to stay in my son’s room for a while.

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