I like living in an apartment. All of the landscaping is handled for you, and you don’t have to worry about repairs. However, I do want to own my own home. I want to enjoy more in control of the things that go on around me. I want to be in charge of who is handling the landscaping or who will come to the house and repair the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. Instead, I now have to deal with whoever the landlord calls to take care of maintenance and repairs. I am forced to work around their schedule. My schedule does not enter into the equation. I would not necessarily choose the cheapest HVAC company. I would research and find the most reputable company. However, I never get to decide any of these things for right now. I would like to install a brand new HVAC system, but I cannot do this because of the landlord.  if it is not my Heating and Air Conditioning equipment to replace. I would really like to install a heat pump because it would save me so much money on my energy bills.  Unfortunately, I can’t convince the landlord to spend the money. I have to abide by whatever the landlord wants. If I have an HVAC system that breaks down every other week, he decides whether the HVAC unit gets replaced or not because he pays for it. I am eager to have a house that I can be in control of everything that goes on. While it is nice to not have to worry about all of those small details, it is both an inconvenience and frustrating. I look forward to choosing my own type of Heating and Air Conditioning system.

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There is so much I am happy about with my current house. It entirely feels like the perfect house for me. There are so a lot of good features I will get accustomed to. My favorite thing about the new house is the master bedroom. I used to share my bedroom with my siblings when I lived at home. So, now that I have my own home, I not only have my own room but my own very large space. I slept in it for the first time just last week. I delighted in the feeling of not having to worry about anyone else being in there.  I didn’t need to deal with an argument over what to put on tv or keeping quiet. I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that it had become quite warm in my room. I walked out into the hallway to check the thermostat and it was cooler in the hallway. I was unsure of why this would happen. I then left the door open so the cool hallway air could come enter the bedroom. I investigated the next day and found that there were no HVAC ducts located in the master bedroom. So, I’d need to lower the thermostat and keep the whole house at a freezing temperature for my room to be nice and cool. . If it gets to overly hot and humid outside, my room will  also be overheated. I have to sleep with the door open if I want my bedroom to be temperature controlled. I have considered installing HVAC ducts into the bedroom. I’m not certain how much this project would cost, but on really hot nights, I would pay any amount of money to have access to air conditioning.  I am worried about heat in the winter.

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I am not happy when the weather is terrible on holidays. I hope the weather will be sunny and inviting when a holiday comes around. Unfortunately, that does not typically happen in my area.  It is frequently  gloomy and maybe even a bit cold. This past Thanksgiving I had to turn on my heater for the day. We experienced some rain and a cold front which made the house feel  quite cold. The furnace in the house started right up. My family relaxed inside, eating our dinner and  enjoying the heat. I have a forced air furnace, so the heat moves through an HVAC duct system. It flows from the air from the air vents located in all of the rooms of the home. The air from the air vents is heated and manages to achieve a comfortable temperature in the house.  Because of this, none of us wanted to leave the house that day. We sat around watching television and being lazy.  I was relieved that I had scheduled a tune up for the furnace, since the colder weather was definitely on the way.  I did not want the Heating system to malfunction during the holidays and end up paying overtime charges to have it repaired. I knew that we would be relying on the furnace for several months straight.   I wanted it to work efficiently during that time when we  needed it. Even in the spring and fall, the evenings can become chilly enough to necessitate running the furnace.   I sometimes put the heat on just to ensure that everyone remains comfortable throughout the night. The furnace was a blessing this past Thanksgiving.

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I recently helped my best friend move out of her apartment ad into a new place. I didn’t realize how much work moving can be.  There was three of us all walking in out of the apartment, carrying heavy furniture, numerous times. I was quickly covered in sweat; The only relief we found was when we entered the apartment. I immediately felt the cool air from the a/c. As the time went on however, it felt less and less cool in the apartment. I thought maybe it was because I was getting overheated from the job. But that was not the reason.  We figured out that because we were leaving the door open all day to haul things, the cooling equipment had to run extra hard. The cooling unit had to work at maximum capacity to maintain the apartment at a cooler temperature. We had actually broken the air conditioner.  We did not even consider that while we were moving we  should maybe keep the door sealed.  During the process of moving we had to call an HVAC professional for assistance. He needed to come repair the air conditioner right away. The HVAC technician showed up without delay.  He gave the air conditioner a good inspection. He was able to get the Air Conditioning working properly once again. We finished moving without air conditioning.  There was no relief from the heat.. At the end of the day, we were able to turn it on and relax in the cool air.

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