Car trips

I love long road trips. The idea of going cross country and sleeping in either tents or old school motels seems almost charming to me. That was until I heard about one bad experience my friend had while driving up north and then back down again. Apparently her car’s air conditioning system is a bit touchy. It won’t kick on the coolant unless you are going over a specific speed limit. Even then it can sometimes turn off it you are having the A/C on full blast making it to where you’re just blowing air from outside through which can be worse depending on the climate. My friend told me that during the trip up north the A/C was working fine and that because she decided to drive through the night there wasn’t too much to complain about. That quickly changed though on the way back home as she had picked up two friends along with a cat. Due to the increase in bodies along with the fact they were now driving down in the middle of the day, the A/C had decided to be a bit of a pain and completely stop working while they were stuck in a traffic jam just a few hours away from home. My friend said she felt as though she was melting into the leather and was sticking her head out of the car just to attempt to feel a cool breeze pass by the car. Now that they’re back home she refuses to go anywhere in the car until the sun has begun to go down just to make extra sure that she is not going to get caught in the heat without the A/C working.


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