My husband and I are planning to build a home from the ground up.  We have already purchased the land, and we are now working on the floor plan.  There are so many decisions to make, and we want to get everything right.  One of the biggest concerns is the type of HVAC system to install.  We realize that the heating and cooling system will greatly impact the comfort and health of the home, as well as our budget.  We have been researching different styles of HVAC, from forced air furnaces to boilers, and we came across geothermal heat pumps.  At first, we didn’t think we could afford a geothermal system because the purchase price and installation costs are so extremely expensive.  However, these systems are so wonderfully energy efficient that we expect to spend about seventy percent less on heating and cooling costs as compared to a more traditional HVAC unit.  It will only cost us about a dollar a day to keep the home at the perfect temperature all year round.  We also like the fact that a heat pump provides both heating and cooling capacity, which means only one piece of equipment to maintain.  Because there are very few moving parts, a heat pump requires very little upkeep.  This type of system is also far more durable than conventional air conditioners which tend to only last around eight to ten years. We can expect the underground loop system to last around fifty years and the actual heat pump to remain effective for more than twenty years with regular and proper care.

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