My husband and I have never really liked the idea of taking our dog to the groomer. We have always thought of dog groomers as unnecessary and a little bit frivolous. Besides, we had always been able to manage the grooming needs of our fluffy dog before! We thought that we could avoid visiting the groomer altogether. Unfortunately, we were incorrect on that front. One day, our dog rolled in a massive, muddy pit of slime when we were visiting the dog park. We were supposed to visit my parents that day and my husband needed to run a few errands before we departed. We knew that neither one of us would have the time to take the dog home and bathe her! Off to the groomers we went. When we arrived to drop the dog off at the groomers, I was surprised to note the temperature. I guess I had thought that a dog groomer would not put a great deal of thought into something like heating and cooling, but I was reassured that we would be leaving our precious pup in good hands. Any business that was fastidious enough to invest in top-of-the-line heating and cooling equipment clearly cared about the comfort of the customers and the dogs. The air conditioning was on in the lobby, but it was not so cold that the freshly shampooed poodle headed to the drying station would start to shiver. The air conditioning was pleasant but not overwhelming, and my husband and I were happy to give the groomer our business. Best of all, the HVAC settings made our dog comfortable, and that meant that she was happy and well behaved. Perhaps good HVAC is a dog groomer’s secret weapon.

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