When I bought my new house, it needed quite a few updates.  The house was nearly a hundred years old, and had never been well cared for.  One of the most pressing issues was the condition of the HVAC equipment.  I live in an area that gets hit with long, cold winters and hot humid summers.  I moved into the house during the fall, and I knew that the vicious winter weather was just around the corner.  I needed to make sure that the furnace would operate safely and effectively.  I immediately contacted a local HVAC contractor for assistance.  A certified technician came to the house, inspected the entirety of the HVAC system and provided recommendations.  I was relieved that both the air conditioner and furnace could be salvaged.  Although both units requires some replacement parts, thorough cleaning, and an overall maintenance procedure, the HVAC technician believed that the heating and cooling system would last for several more years.  His biggest concern was with the ancient duct system.   Moisture had caused corrosion and quite a few small holes that would allow heated or cooled air to escape.  Not only would this waste energy and cause higher running costs, but also welcome unconditioned air into the house.  This can introduce contaminants into breathing air and lead to health issues.  There’s also the fear of backdrafting from appliances which can result in exposure to carbon monoxide.  The HVAC technician provided a service called Aeroseal duct sealing, which blows adhesive particles into the air ducts.  This seals the flaws in the duct system from the inside out, and ensures access to even concealed areas.  

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