I love my in-laws I really do, but they are hysterical to watch and listen to as they are aging quickly these days. They argue about everything from the heating and air conditioning temperatures to how short the lawn should be cut. Since they refuse in home care, we have been trying to entice them into a senior community to live in, but they want nothing to do with it in any way, shape or form. We have explained to them that they would have more company and less responsibilities that they were little self contained apartments where they would have their own personal kitchens, living spaces and HVAC units. That’s when my dad piped in listening attentively asking for more information. My mom is always cold and wants the heater on full blast through the air vents, but dad hot by nature being a big man just can’t take it anymore and is desperate for air conditioning relief. So, I saw my in towards this idea right there! I started to tell him how these more modern living units each have their own separate zone control where you can control your own personal thermostat in your room for whatever your body temperature prefers. I explained how many older people have these same experiences, so that they set up the living units to individual preferences. He just loved the idea that my mom could have her own thermostat in her room and be heated to her content, while he could blast his own air conditioning in his room through his own thermostat. I sold them on it that day.

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