When I moved into my new house, the construction process was not quite finished.  Unfortunately, the completion of the house was behind schedule by several weeks and my lease had run out at my apartment.  Rather than put all of my possessions in storage and rent a hotel, I decided to move into my unfinished house.  All of the walls, windows, and most of the appliances were already in place.  I convinced my brother, Mike, to help me with the move and he was not happy.  The temperature that day was in the upper nineties and the humidity was extreme.  We were sweating just from breathing and standing still, and we needed to haul my couch, bed and all sorts of stuff out of the fourth floor apartment.  We then packed everything into the back of a moving van that had no air conditioning.  When we arrived at the new house and Mike discovered that my HVAC system wasn’t up and running yet, I thought he might have an aneurysm.  At least there was an HVAC service vehicle parked in the driveway, and the technicians were working on the installation.  While we unloaded all of the furniture and carried tons of boxes in the house, we kept track of the various HVAC technicians.  We were really hoping they would finish up with the ductwork and air conditioner.  It would have felt really great to adjust my thermostat for the first time and blast the cooling system.  I invested a great deal of money into a state-of-the-art air conditioner with variable speed technology, zone control and a smart thermostat.  I told Mike all about it while he helped me carry my mattress and box spring.  

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