When my husband and I retired, we moved down south.  We’d spent our entire lives in the northeastern part of the country, where the weather is typically cold and snowy.  For the majority of the year, we needed to run our furnace.  We dealt with snow and ice, sub zero temperatures, and lots of household maintenance.  It was such a relief to leave behind the snow shovels, wool coats, ice scrapers and snow boots.  We bought a home in an area with a very mild climate.  We no longer require a heating system as powerful as a gas furnace.  We are able to keep our home comfortable year round with an electric heat pump.  A heat pump combines both heating and cooling capacity in one unit.  During the long months of hot temperatures and high humidity, the electric heat pump acts exactly like an air conditioner.  It both cools the home and combats excessive moisture, and it runs very efficiently.  In the brief winter season, the heat pump reverses operation to pump heat into the home.  It is far more energy efficient than the gas furnace.  It doesn’t overly dry the air, so there is no need to invest in a humidifier.  Plus, the heat pump provides very clean and safe temperature control.  It doesn’t introduce airborne contaminants, and doesn’t burn fossil fuels to generate heat.  This avoids the threat of fire and combustion byproducts, such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.  I am so happy with the heat pump, and living in the milder weather.  I wish we would have moved down south much earlier in life.

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