We have the most amazing five bedroom summer cabin on the lake, it even has a hot tub on the back porch complete with awesome firepit too. It really has been a prime gift for our family over the years with endless memories to look back on when we get older and have kids of our own. Don’t get me wrong, when you throw a family of 8 into one small cabin there will still be some bickering along the way. The one thing no one likes in the least is the clean up and packing down that goes on when we are about to leave. We don’t use the cabin in the winter, so it’s important that we actually clean out all of the air vents thoroughly and change the filters if the summer proved to be harder on the HVAC Air Conditioning Unit as well. This summer it was seriously hot and humid and we had to use our HVAC cooling along with stationary fans to help circulate the cool air with so many people in the house. My mom is so meticulous that she wanted us to actually dust all the fans as well before we put them away for the summer. It’s so tedious, but then again, it does make less work when we return next summer which makes sense. For when vacation comes around again we are all so excited to get to the cabin, that the last thing we want to be doing is checking ductwork, cleaning air vents and doing maintenance checks on the HVAC system. So, I get where she is coming from today.

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