This past weekend, I stayed at a hotel for a required business trip. This is one of the greatest  perks of my job. I am allowed to travel frequently, and the corporation always pays for my meals and accommodations. This recent hotel was one of the most impressive I have stayed at. It included an indoor swimming pool, massage services, a jacuzzi tub in the room, a fitness center, and  a lot more. It was a wonderful resort, and resulted in my loving my job even more than I already had. One thing I noticed right away about this hotel was the impressive heating system installed throughout. I was visiting an especially cold region of the country during the winter.  The hotel was surrounded by skiing resorts, mountains,  snowmobile trails and other cold weather activities.   This particular part of the country is famous for its sub zero temperatures. When I spoke with the concierge about the heating system in the building, he told me that they have radiant floors. He explained to me that the floors are linked to a large boiler heater, and it runs on heated water.  This eliminates drafts, the introduction of contaminants, and energy waste.  The radiant floors are an extremely efficient way of heating such a large building.  It provides the ability of zone control, so they waste no energy heating unoccupied rooms.  Plus, the heat rises upward very slowly, so it is not trapped up at the ceiling.   I was able to walk barefoot and feel totally warm and uncomfortable.  

radiant flooring

Last Monday, I arrived early to work in the morning.  I am a secretary at an office downtown.  There is  a weekly sales meeting every Monday at  8:00 in the morning.  Of course, I need to be there earlier than everyone else. I need some time to get the coffee started.  I also provide a spread of doughnuts, muffins and bagels.  But I was not worried about all of that,  because I was running early that morning.  I realize that it takes time to get everything laid out on the table.  These meetings are important and I want everything to run smoothly.  I need to distribute the sales information for the month and at that point, I still needed to make my copies. I figured that I would have plenty of time. As  I pulled into the parking lot I noticed an HVAC service vehicle parked near the entrance to the building.  I walked towards the office with some concern.  I asked a first co-worker about the purpose of the HVAC truck, but she had no idea what was going on.  I soon realized that the air conditioner had malfunctioned over the weekend.  The HVAC contractor was attempting to get it fixed before the start of the workday.  It is was very overheated inside the office.  The HVAC contractor ended up having to order replacement parts, and there was no way the air conditioner would be working before the following day.  This made for a very uncomfortable sales meeting.  The office was so hot and sticky that no one wanted the coffee.  Everyone complained about the lack of air conditioning.

HVAC industry