Just about every morning, I take my wonderful, big old dog for a walk around the block. He likes to stop and smell just about everything, and honestly he is so big at this point that it is often difficult for me to pull him away when he takes a bit too long. In the summertime, this sort of thing can become especially tiresome and frustrating, because the weather in my area grows hot and sticky with humidity. I have almost considered canceling our daily walks because I cannot stand the steady heating of the streets outside! I would almost rather just let the dog out in our cramped backyard so that we can enjoy more of the air conditioning in the house. The heat outside, even in the morning, feels so oppressive that it reminds me of a furnace. My silly dog doesn’t mind the heat, because his thick double coat works as an insulator in the summertime. It keeps all of the heat in, and works as his body’s natural form of air conditioning. On the other hand, I do not have any way to air condition myself on our walks, and he takes forever to do his business. I spend most of our lengthy outings daydreaming of air conditioning and the cooling system that awaits me back at home. Honestly, I do not think that a quick backyard jaunt in the morning would hurt my dog’s feelings very much. Although he has his own built in A/C, he also does enjoy laying in front of the air vents in the house and cooling down. At least until this horrendous heat wave breaks, I think that is probably what we will do!


My wife and I have always taken the time to sit down and have informed discussions about any sort of serious change in our household. We did this when we first decided to move. We did this before we chose to adopt a dog into our household. We also did this as we were planning our family. When we got the bright idea to upgrade the ancient heating and cooling system in our home, it was no different. My wife and I decided on a day and blocked out a few hours in the evening when my sister could babysit the kids. We then sat down and had a serious conversation about the advantages and disadvantages to upgrading the heating and cooling system. We knew that the HVAC system in our home was getting on in years. At our last annual inspection, our reliable and honest heating and cooling technician had basically pronounced a death sentence for our HVAC equipment, with termination complete within the next year or two. My wife and I ultimately decided to contact our familiar and knowledgeable HVAC technician and ask her opinion about upgrading our equipment. We were confident that she would be able to accurately assess our home in addition to our needs. We also knew that this great heating and cooling expert would be able to handle our budget and effectively come up with a great heating and cooling upgrade that would be appropriate for our lifestyle. After our discussion, my wife and I felt excited about finally going ahead and upgrading our heating and cooling system!

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My business is a surgical doctor in the hospital. It’s a tough job, but I truly love what I do. The hours are very long and I spend more time in the hospital than I do at home. One thing that I didn’t realize when I first started training as a doctor was how cold it is in hospitals, but the HVAC system is set to a really low temperature for many good reasons. For one thing, low temperatures keep bacterial growth from getting too out of hand. If the temperature were allowed to increase, even just a small number of degrees, the bacteria could boost rapidly. In other words, the air conditioning system within a hospital is set up to help you prevent the spread of infections across the hospital from patient to patient. Cold air also reduces moisture inside the air so that mold doesn’t grow. Another reason is that surgeons ought to work quite quickly and can’t get sweating while they work. The low temperature and the blasting air conditioner prevent me from dripping sweat on the wounds of my patients. The intense focus I’ve got in the ER during a challenging surgery could easily make me break a sweat. I sometimes even lower the temperature on the thermostat when I know I am about to have a particularly difficult surgery to conduct that day. Lower temperatures also assist to prevent too much blood loss in bleeding patients. As you can understand, there’s a very good reason why a hospital air conditioner is on the entire day. The air conditioner also has filters and air cleaners installed. Hospital air conditioners actually protect lives!

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I hate the dentist’s office, but then, who likes it?. I normally have a cavity or two and last time, I even needed to get a root canal. I absolutely hate the appointments. Usually, I can’t sleep the days before my appointments because I end up being so anxious about it. The last time was the worst. I needed a root canal. When I reached the dentist’s office, I immediately noticed how warm it was inside the building. It ended up being incredibly stuffy. Then, when I finally found myself in the procedure room, I pointed out that I was sweating. The assistant got me all set up and asked me if I needed anything else to be more comfortable before the dentist started. Of course, since I was sweating, I asked the dentist assistant if he could lower the furnace a bit because I was feeling all types of dizzy and hot. He just shrugged his shoulders and said that their gas furnace was acting up and won’t stop running and there was nothing they could do until the HVAC technician arrived to see it. I was miserable over the entire procedure. How could he possibly expect the patients to get happy and comfortable when the heating system is making it that hot and steamy? I was sweating all over and wanted to cry the entire time. The dentist didn’t seem to notice my anguish. I thought about canceling and rescheduling the session, but I really could not take yet another day off all work, so I suffered through everything. On my way out, I was in too much pain to complain for the front desk about the heating system.

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My husband and I live on the opposite side of the country from my in-laws. I adore them dearly, but my in-laws just so happen to be very particular people. I know that they adore our children, but it is often incredibly stressful to visit just because children are often curious and rambunctious, and my in-laws like it like that. Not too long ago, my husband and I paid a visit to my in-laws, and I have to mention that the experience was, luckily, not quite as stressful as it absolutely had been in the past. It allowed us to find out that they had recently installed a really high quality heating and cooling unit. Their house was incredibly comfortable when we took the kids to see them; I could not believe it! When I asked my father-in-law about the numerous heating and cooling upgrades made, he was more than happy to elaborate. He informed me that ever since they had purchased a totally new thermostat for their home, they had seen a significant drop in their regular heating and cooling costs. My father-in-law also confessed that the smart thermostat was fun to play around with. The high quality display was very impressive, and my father-in-law also really appreciated the easy ability to adjust the smart thermostat functions via the app on his smartphone and/or tablet. He told everyone that even my mother-in-law, who has been notorious for her avoidance of better technology, was excited about her ability to easily and quickly adjust the settings on the nifty, new smart thermostat. I was happy that my in-laws were comfortable in their home, and I was also relieved that each of us were able to experience a great visit.

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My friend is getting married in a few months. I am not very knowledgeable about many wedding traditions, but I was quite surprised when his bride invited me to her bridal shower. I did not know her very well, although we had met twice and she seemed nice. Nonetheless, I thought that it was strange to be invited to a wedding ritual by someone that I did not know incredibly well. That said, I still went to the engagement shower with my gift with tow. As soon as I arrived, I became uncomfortable immediately. I was unsure if I was out of place because everyone else seemed to actually know the bride. My friend, the groom, wasn’t even there! On top of that, the heating and cooling system at the bridal shower was absolutely out of whack. One minute, the heating system would be gently blowing warm air out out of all the vents in the room. The next, the air conditioner was freezing everyone! I had brought a fairly cozy cardigan in order to keep warm, but I had not expected the air conditioner to be on the rampage. Unfortunately for me, it was basically impossible to excuse myself from the bridal shower without making myself look antisocial and unsupportive. I ended up sitting there throughout the entire shower without any of my friends there, suffering through the overactive furnace and angry air conditioner. I don’t think I’ll be going to a bridal shower from now on, that’s for sure. Or at a minimum not until I make sure the venue carries a decent HVAC system.


Have you ever walked around barefoot on tile or hardwood floor in the middle of the Wintertime? Can you remember the chilling feeling that shot throughout your body? It’s not a great feeling and no 1 enjoys it. Heated floors can take this pain away from your life. No longer will you have to wear socks or cabin shoes all Wintertime long indoors, and you can walk barefoot comfortably all year long with radiant floors. Advanced heating technologies employ electricity, water and tubing to heat various types of floorings. The top layer of the floor is pulled back to expose the subfloor. Tubes and advanced wiring are installed under the subfloor. Afterward the top layer of the floor is replaced. The technology is safe, well tested, simple and can be done rather hastily, granted you have the help of a local Heating plus A/C worker and also an electrician. Installation can be done in a short timeframe that will not scare your pets for too long.  Almost any space in your house or condo can be transformed from a chilling torment to a softly heated joy, including bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Best of all, the replacement will help lower the cost of your energy bill. Though this technology is easily advanced, it is easily affordable as well, and can work well on a variety of budgets. On average, the install of radiant floors costs between $7.00-$8.00 per square foot. This technology can even be used for outdoor sidewalks and drive ways. Kiss those drive-way clearing and sidewalk salting afternoons goodbye! If this is something you guess your family might enjoy, contact a local Heating or A/C corporation to get more information on transforming your home!

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My fiance and I were undergoing some massive repairs to our cabin recently. It was costing us a lot of cash, however the repairs were long overdue. One of the most needed upgrades for us to undertake, was a new Heating + A/C system. This upgrade would set us back a lot of cash, however our comfort levels were of utmost importance to he and I. So, Last month we decided to head into our local Heating +A/C corporation and do some real research. Before every one of us chose to go there, we decided to do our own research online. The biggest thing that really caught our esure was the smart temperature control unit. This was a super cool device! It allowed us to alter our temperature settings with the simple push of a button. All we needed was a smart phone, and the required online application. It seemed like it was pretty easy to use too, and my fiance and I were quite tech-savvy, so this wouldn’t be an issue for us. So, when every one of us chose to go to the Heating + A/C business, we had to let the clerk think that we wanted a smart temperature control unit. That was the most pressing element for our new Heating plus A/C system to us. Both of us traveled often, so a smart temperature control equipment would easily be easily helpful for us. The clerk at the heating & AC corporation showed us some of the newer models, and he and I decided on the best one. Both of us also picked a mid-grade furnace, a top of the line air conditioning system, and the best smart temperature control equipment they had. Now, ehe and I had to set up the replacement time. The clerk called over the store owner, and every one of us chose to go over their schedule. They could send a Heating + A/C work crew the following week to install everything. How convenient service that was!

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Last cold period, the weather started to turn really bad by the end of October.  Our cold season was so little that there was little chance to get ready for Wintertime.  I didn’t know how to rake up all the leaves or close the pool before there was already snow on the ground.  I was suddenly in a huge hurry to have the Wintertime equipment put onto my car, make sure the snow shovels plus rock salt were around, plus get out the heavy boots, coats plus hats.  I totally forgot about scheduling professional repair for my oil heater however.  I usually call a local Heating plus A/C corporation plus have the heating device totally cleaned, oiled plus checked.  With hot plus cold temperatures going into the thirties, I had no other clue but to start up the furnace.  When it had a smell, I was upset about it making it through the Wintertime.  I had thought that the device was overrun with dirt, which would block the air, cause higher energy bills plus possibly lead to a malfunction.  When I finally got around to calling out a Heating plus A/C corporation, they were completely jammed packed, plus I couldn’t get an appointment for more than one week.  Although the furnace continued to work okay, my house was not totally great.  There were cold spots in particular areas, plus the furnace seemed to run always. There was really far less warm air coming from the air vents than normal.

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This past chilly season, the part where I am located got hit by an intense storm.  The temperature went particularly high abruptly, plus there was tons of wind, rain, plus lightning.  The rain, added with snowmelt, led to extensive water damage.  The entire region lost electrical power, also it was nearly a month before the lines were repaired too.  That was a horrible month.  Because there was no working power lines, there was no ability to use the lights, running water, Heating plus A/C or the sump pump.  The water damage made it impossible to open the windows in the house plus get some chilled air.  With no air conditioning the heat plus humidity was super hard to deal with.  The house felt wet, smelled quite musty, plus was simply uncomfortable.  Since there was no electric lines, I was also unable to run my sump pump plus my basement was covered in water.  There was really not one thing I could do about it until the electric was patched up.  Once the sump pump began once again, I was able to get into the basement plus check out the damage.  The flooring plus furniture were completely totalled.  I was not happy about mold plus bacterial that was there, plus potential corrosion to my washer, dryer, water heater, Heating plus A/C device plus air duct.  When I had a chat with a licensed Heating plus A/C professional, he told me  that I need to set up a dehumidifier to help combat the excessive wetness levels.  

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