It is so wrong when all you want to do is go in the yard for some fresh air, however the weather simply isn’t nice out. I feel like we’ve had a lot of this terrible luck lately, as it’s been so tepid and humid outside. It’s hard to fight against the heat and the muggy air, however at least you can seek some help indoors with some intense air conditioning system when you become a little warm, then one thing that can’t be handled so really is the thunderstorms that give us such humid weather. This is what ruined my date night last week. Every time Larry and I attempted to step out of our ideal AC at home, Larry and I would hear distant thunder of a pending storm. Even though the outdoor temperature was nowhere near as nice as our indoor air quality, Larry and I desperately wanted to get out and have a decent patio lunch. Larry and I left the security of our central cooling and went to an indoor pub, figuring the rain would pass while Larry and I had a beer in the protection of nice air temperature control; Oh god, where Larry and I wrong. It ended up sprinkling on and off the entire night, making it not easy to settle into a unbelievable outdoor lunch date. Day after day again Larry and I rushed back into the safety of an overhead roof and blasting air conditioning equipment. Larry and I have tried several diners all across the expansive city, but the weather didn’t let up even just once for us.

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Last Monday I spent the night in a horrible hotel, however somehow each 1 was full of cons, and it was an exasperating time overall. While there were really issues with the cleanliness of every room Bobby and I stayed in, the worse part of all was the horrible heating and cooling systems they had put in. Heading in, it was so clear that there was not great ventilation in the rooms… They reeked of mildew and body smells, and the air felt gross. Bobby and I turned on the little Heating and Air Conditioning systems the moment him and I stepped foot inside, however it was super clear that whatever air conditioner filter they had was not going to resolve the air quality concerns at all. So Bobby and I stuck it out and stayed in these rooms, unable to afford a nicer hotel that might really had an odor like it had been cleaned before. The tiny HVAC system units made far more sounds and screeching noises than 1 would expect based upon their small size and awful cooling power, however none of the rooms felt like they were at all cooled, even after lots of time with the AC being on at full blast, however sometimes the room would reach the set temperature around 3 am, when I would wake up super cold, and finally, the control component would be around 56 degrees, which is far too chilly to really function in, and I couldn’t have been more set to get out of those hotels and head back to my condo where there is consistent air temperature control and well ventilated indoor air.


It’s summer here ,and things are hot and humid! Without a doubt, the temperatures get up to the low one hundreds by noon. The humidity is so balmy that my hair frizzes and curls instantly after setting foot outside. This is especially bad for someone like me who works outside most of the time. As someone working a part time job, I work at a fast food restaurant. They pretty good compensation and there is a ton of room for improvements. The only thing I don’t like is being stuck outside under the sweltering hot sun, melting away in the intense humidity. Legally, the company can’t keep us outside in the extremely hot weather, so they’ve  come up with a system for the summer season. In an effort to keep everyone cool and collected, they place a giant bucket filled with ice water and a fan on top of a fixed platform. The fan pushes out mist and cool air. This helps some, but only if you’re standing directly in the path of the fan. They also swap us out every hour, to give us an opportunity to cool down. There’s nothing better than stepping inside a building with crisp and cool oxygen after you’ve been sweating out under the hot sun for an hour. Many times, on the really hot shifts, I’ll go straight to that walk in cooler for extra cool rest breaks. By the time I get out of there, my body’s temperature is brought down a bit from working inside, but then they will send me back outside. It’s superbly frustrating! I really wish there was a mini portable Air conditioner that I could strap to my body when I’m forced to go work outside.

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I love my home! I have these great dormer windows that let in the morning sunshine. I have this nice skylight in the kitchen that catches a afternoon sun. We also have the most beautiful view of sunsets from our deck. I hate my house due to the dormer windows and the skylight. The ceilings are almost 15 ft high. In the winter, we are always cold, no matter how high you might set the thermostat, and then the furnace always seems to be running. My house stays beautifully cool in the summer months. My air conditioning seems to know what I like, until I go to my loft upstairs. All of the heat that the air conditioning moves around settles into my studio, and that is where the office is. It is a twenty five by thirty five foot space, and it seems like an oven. I swear I could bake cookies up there. The cold air that settles in the winter months, always wants to invade the heat that is downstairs, and that’s why my furnace has a tendency to run so much. It’s a non-stop battle, and we have weather stripping on the door to help combat the issue. I told my husband that he had to do something about it. Last month he brought home a mini-split A/C unit. It fit perfectly in the apex of the room, and it instantly cooled the space. We opened the door and the cool air from the upstairs mixed with the air conditioned air of the downstairs and now the air is really comfortable. I want to find a way to do something similar in the wintertime. Maybe the fan with the mini-split unit will work to blow the heat back downstairs.

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My roommate and I cannot agree on the temperature to set our thermostat. I love to have our townhouse warm and cozy; she prefers it colder and brisk. I get so cold at night with the air conditioner running that I sleep with three blankets just to be comfortable. It can be so annoying because I turn the temperature control up one or two degrees, then, my roommate complains about how she woke up sweating. She gets so hot she’ll even get up in the middle of the night to turn up the thermostat on the central AC. We are always going back forth with the climate control setting. I wish we had zone control heating and cooling in our home. It would make our lives so much easier. That way, we could each control what the temperature was in each of our rooms. I could set the thermostat on high in my room for a warmer night, and she could have the air cooler for her room. It would probably be cheaper too because I’m sure that our utility bill reflects our constant adjustment of the air conditioner and heater. I’m looking forward to having my own place, and then I can set the temperature control to whatever I’d like it to be. I just don’t sleep as good in cold spaces. I sleep much better where it’s warm and comfortable.  This lack of sleep is starting to interfere with my job because I’m so tired at work. Maybe one day we will be capable of better compromise, but for now, I guess I’m stuck with the cold air from the air conditioner and sleeping with three thick blankets.  

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I get disappointed when the summer weather is not hot and humid. I’m strange I know, but I like to have hot summers. Lately, the weather here locally has become rather cool. I haven’t even had to use my air conditioning. I guess a good thing about that is I’m saving money since I don’t  use my HVAC system. The more you use your heating and cooling system, the shorter lifespan it has. This way I will be able to keep my furnace and AC system for a longer time frame before replacing it. Central air conditioning systems are expensive to buy and have installed onto your property. However, I am a bit blue that it’s not so warm outside to enjoy the air conditioning unit in my apartment. One of the best feelings in the world is being in the hot sun and then stepping into the cool air conditioning. I love the sense of relief I get while walking into a cool environment. When I am hot,  I also like to stand next to the air vents and have the cool air blow on my skin. I know my dog likes to feel the cool air coming from the vents. He enjoys laying next to them during the day when it’s really hot outside. I can’t wait until I can start using my AC more often. So remember that if you don’t need your air conditioning, don’t use it. This way you’ll have your A/C system for years to come. Also, make sure you get it frequently cleaned to ensure it lasts.

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    My favorite place to vacation is in the mountains. I love to be outside. I view nature as a place to get good physical exercise, get away from my workplace, and take beautiful pictures. On a yearly basis I take two trips in the mountains, about an hour from my home. I take one trip in the  summer and one in the wintertime. I always stay at the exact same rental cabin, because I can’t afford my own house there, just yet. I never had any issues until last year. Last year, the HVAC system in the cabin gave out in the dead of winter. I had already been there a couple of days when it happened, so I didn’t want to leave. Without a heater the property got extremely chilly. I had to layer up my clothing along with putting extra blankets on my bed when I went to sleep. Still, I was shivering all night. I guess I never realized how important a heating system is when the weather gets extreme. The next morning I realized I couldn’t finish out my week there without a heater, so I called the homeowner to see if he could fix it. He told me that they would not be able to fix the heater, so I was returned all my money.  Even though I got my money back, I ended up being upset, because my trip has been ruined, and I had wasted my time off from work. From now on, when I travel, I am going to take a portable heater along during the winter and a portable A/C along in the summer. If any unexpected issues arise while using the HVAC system in my vacation home, I will already be prepared.


    There is nothing as frustrating as a window unit air conditioner. I have been living in a apartment with one for a couple of years now, and I am all but fed up with it. The a/c unit  isn’t just unattractive, it is hardly powerful enough to cool my two bedroom apartment to a comfortable level. It seems like I am running it constantly, yet my apartment ‘s still hot, humid and uncomfortable. I raised the issue with my landlord a few weeks ago, and he told me that there was nothing he could do since the a/c wasn’t technically broken. I keep fans in each of the bedrooms, but they don’t help much either. I have been researching alternative air conditioning options to find a better way to keep cool. I have found that there are cooling systems called ductless mini-split air conditioners, which operate without having to be connected to air ducts. They are often hung on a wall, in about any place. They are efficient, and additionally, they do not make much noise. I am seriously considering investing in one to use in place of my window unit air conditioner. This will make it easier to cool my apartment until I am able to purchase my own home. If my salary stays at its current level, I am predicting that I will be able to purchase a home in about 24 months. Moving forward with purchasing a brand new air conditioning system would make living much better, until I am in a position to make that move.

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Because I live in the northeastern region of the country, I devote most of my time and labor to trying to stay warm.  I turn on my furnace and keep it running at least eight months of year.  When the weather finally warms up, I am so eager to get outside.  I make sure to open the windows in my home and get some fresh air circulating.  I always roll down the windows in my car and love  feeling the wind.  I never bother with the air conditioner in my car, and  I don’t have any type of air conditioner installed in my home.  Only local business invest in ab air conditioner, and  the inside of those commercial spaces is typically far too cold.  When I took a week-long getaway down south to visit my brother, Harvey, I was surprised to see people walking around in long pants and  long-sleeves.  The temperature was in the low eighties, sunny and perfectly lovely.  I hadn’t brought along anything but shorts and t-shits, and I spent most of the trip wearing my swim trunks.  Unfortunately, Harvey and his buddies were rarely willing to be outdoors.  They simply went from their air conditioned apartments to their air conditioned cars.  Then we drove to diners, coffee shops, bars, shopping centers, and anywhere with air conditioning.  I can’t understaff why they don’t take every advantage of their amazing weather and soak up the sun.  I don’t understand how they can feel comfortable in long pants in addition to long sleeves.  If I can walk outside without bundling up in a wool coat, gloves and heavy boots, I’m tickled.  If I don’t need to run oil furnace, it’s a special day.  Since I devote so much time, work and  money to staying warm, there’s no reason  to run an air conditioner to cool down.  I would rather feel hot and a little sticky, have the sun beating on me and get to breathe some fresh air.


My sister, June, is going to be getting married at the end of November, and we are all busy with planning for the day. The weather is expected to be nice, but we are concerned about the fact that it could rain. Even though it is the end of November, if it rains, it will turn really wet and unpleasantly cold outside. The arena where the ceremony is to be held is entirely outside, and we don’t have any idea how to keep everyone warm if the weather turns for the worst. I consulted with the owner of the property about the problem, and  they suggested that we rent a couple of portable standing gas heaters. These heaters could be operated  if and when we need them. June and I ordered a  half dozen portable gas heaters, just in case we are confronted with  rain on that day. The gas gas furnaces can be started easily and heat up very rapidly. It is an ideal way to warm up the guests, in the event of a weather crisis. The gas furnaces can even be decorated with the wedding decorations, so they can truly blend into the decor. I think this is the perfect solution, just in case we get some inclement climate conditions. I’m truly looking forward to  the ceremony, because my older sister is so happy with her fiancé. I am delighted to be a part of the ceremony for them, and I just know everything is going to be perfect. Whether we have perfect climate conditions, or a cold rainy day, the whole affair will turn out just fine.   The celebration is going to be lovely, and we will be  prepared in case of rain or cold temperatures.  Nothing will spoil June’s special day.